#SSSQC (Super Secret Site Q Convergence)

50+ site Qs, co-Qs and “friends of the Qs” gathered at Freedom Park (sorry, Bandit) to refresh their minds on what are the rules and requirement of Q’ing.  Some got stuck with Fishwrap for a more hands-on Q lesson (and no doubt his, uh, unique cadence counting #NSFW).  The rest drew the short straw and followed me for a lesson in how to herd cats.

Lee’s Thang:

Mosey into Freedom Park to the soccer field for COP:  SSHs, mountain climbers—hold ’em—Peter Parkers—hold ’em —Parker Peters (all in cadence, x20)

To the sideline, partner up, for some partner pyramids:  1 team member runs to opposite side of field and back while other partner does called exercise, then switch…keep running/exercising until aggregate count for team is reached (#MathIsSoHard)…various plank-o-ramas between sets.  100 chest-to-ground merkins…200 sumo jump squats…300 flutters (double count – yes, double count)…200 flying lunges (double count – did I stutter?)…100 burpees (naturally)

Back to service road for AYG/jailbreak home (with self-selected “slower” group getting 10 second head start)

COT with Fishwrap’s crew

Naked Moleskin:

Like Old Times.  Totally wowed by the Pax size yesterday and a bit humbled to lead a great group of site Qs, including H.E. who’s apparently site Q for the “United States Marine Corps” (congrats on the promotion).  Think we had about 41 in my sub-Pax, which felt a bit like 2013 and 2014 when many AOs were averaging those numbers.  With continued AO expansion (#SoManyOptionsSoLittleTime), average numbers inevitably go down … and 7 straights years of bootcamping and running and Glooming can put a little “meh” into “F3 Meh-tro.”  That said, glad to see so many heed Fishwrap’s call to come together and re-energize a bit around accountability and a site Q’s responsibilities.  #HighFiveWednesday #MF3GA

Not a lot of instruction on my end with the Pax in attendance as pretty much everybody within it knows how to Q a workout (yes, even Doobie) so I just tried to give the group a solid TM beatdown.  As with everything F3, the Pax will be the judge on how it went and what Fishwrap and I (and every Q) can do better next time.

12 Rules.  Jordan Peterson released a new book recently called, “12 Rules for Life.”  Like many, I heard about it via Twitter and have seen a load of memes and Twitter threads from folks espousing their own unique set of rules – all without having actually read the original source yet.  (Soooo 2018.)  While I am still composing my own 12 Rules for Life, I thought that I could at least share a quick 12 Rules for Q’ing.  (I know Fishwrap has shared a more robust site Q cheat sheet that has more thoughts.)

  • Rule #1: Know Your Pax (or At Least Assess Them) Before You Start…and Adapt Accordingly. When you are running a boot camp workout, you have to be prepared for any Pax that shows up and have multiple options in mind…and then be prepared to change them again on the fly.  Do you have all runners?  Do you have any non-runners?  Is this AO only for the fastest and not-faint-of-heart?  What do you do when a 2.0, 7-year old shows up to a workout that you are leading?  Well, you make it work, that’s what you do.  Today, I had different plans in mind initially, thinking I might have 15 guys in tow.  Decided that throwing 40+ up the Lurker, or up Scott or into Myers Park wouldn’t have been the best course of action.
  • Rule #2: Know Your Course/AO, Even If You’ve Only Seen It on Google Maps. Helps with Rule #1.  If you are leading and you get lost, welp, you’re going to hear about it from the Pax.  Just ask Redd Foxx.  #69
  • Rule #3: Know How to Cadence Count. No matter how you do it – in English, in Spanish, in Spanglish, in whatever language Taf speaks, with military-trained fervor, with a dripping Southern drawl, with an Italian NY accent – just learn to do it.  When done right, it actually works.  When not…well, not so much.  It’s not hard, but it does take a little practice.
  • Rule #4: Challenge the Pax. Whether it’s introducing new exercises or running harder circuits — or even the often-more-difficult-than-it-seems challenge of counting OYO (i.e., Math 101) and the infinitely-more-difficult task of counting in aggregate with a partner (i.e., Abstract Multivariable Calculus) — push the limits of those in attendance.  That’s the Pax gets better/faster/stronger, and that’s what keeps them coming back.  If it’s not hard, then you didn’t do your job.
  • Rule #5: Keep the Pax Entertained…but In Line. Your job is to provide the group with a good workout.  Regardless of the workout you create, there are going to be ample opportunities for the Pax to give you feedback/mumblechatter/complain (“laugh it up, fuzzball”), but it’s your job to take it and not let them distract you from leading the group through the Gloom.  #HerdingCats
  • Rule #6: Keep The Six Covered.  Dropping folks is always discouraged, even for the go-as-fast-as-you-can-go, no mercy workouts.  All you need to do is make sure the six knows where to go next (and how to get home) or make sure you have a delegate who can stay with the six.
  • Rule #7: Act Like You Know What You Are Doing (Even When You Don’t).  #FakeItTilYouMakeIt  Don’t let the Pax smell fear.  Be assertive (see Rule #5).  If you’re a new Q, don’t over-think it or make the workout too complicated.  #KISS  Find a hill and run up that SOB until Ice-9 (or [insert name of local Pax with dry heaving affinity]) pukes … or until Kickin’ Chicken (or [(insert name of local Ye Olde Town Crier]) calls B.S. or asks for a 10-count.  That’s when you know you’ve done your job.  See Rules #4 and 5.
  • Rule #8: Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously…and Don’t Let the Trolls Get You Down. Be yourself.  Don’t be afraid to try something new or to have a QFail or to have the Pax mock you a little.  You might deserve some good natured ribbing…you might not…but it’s not the end of the world regardless.  #ShakeItOff
  • Rule #9: Know How Long It Takes (the Six) to Get Back to COT. Nothing seems to piss off the Pax more than if you arrive 60 seconds or (heavens!) more past the designated stop time.
  • Rule #10: Run a Tight COT. Count-o-rama.  Name-o-rama (including naming FNGs).  Announcements – but don’t let the Pax get out of hand (distract Dredd if you have to).  And don’t forget to ask for prayer requests:  you never know when one of your fellow Pax members might need a little help.
  • Rule #11: Enjoy It. You have the health, the freedom, and the motivation to be out in the Gloom to workout in the dark under the elements.  Be grateful for that luxury and for the gift of getting your a$$ kicked by a good workout.  #BeerBudget
  • Rule #12: Write Your Damn Backblast. Even Metro’s finest refusniks write their BBs.  The new site has been up and running for a while now.  Yes, it’s different from the last one.  Get over it and move on.  If you can’t access the site, give your backblast to someone who can.  Don’t worry about writing like Slaughter, Cindy, Ballzzz, Fishwrap, etc.  Just go for it.  Facts are good…myths, rumors, innuendos and TruthNuggest are probably better.  See Rules #7 and 8.

I’m sure that there are plenty of better “rules” out there (“don’t suck” also comes to mind), but I will defer to the Comments section.

Shameless Plugs.  New Revolution AO kicking off in West Charlotte soon (keep an eye out on the Metro site for more details).  MIP 5 Year Anniversary coming on March 3 (#ditto).

Great to be with this huge group yesterday.  Thanks to Fishwrap for giving me the privilege to lead some of the crew today.  See you boys back in the Gloom soon…


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  • February 8, 2018 at 4:25 pm

    I’m willing to accept the fact that we’re dealing with an expert in gloom related activities; with a man who’s the best #InCadence, OYO, AYG and the BB. This is a man that has been taught to ignore pain, ignore weather, to physically punish, to do things that would make a middle-aged Ginger puke. His “job” in F3 is to dispose of weakness, to destroy the Pax, smoke ‘em… PERIOD. Well, Lee™ is the best.

    Great job, 1st F! I don’t know much but I’m pretty sure you just 1st F’d the sh*t out of that!

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