No where to hide this morning as 8, yes 8 beasts weren’t scared to take a dip in the Sharktank.  Here’s what a lot of you missed.


Run down to Target and up the stairs to the top of the deck.

Suicides – Rd. 1 – Run the three light poles and to the other wall and do 4, 6, 8, 10 Diamond Merkins

Suicides – Rd. 2 – Run the three light poles and do 6, 8, 10 Jump Squats

Suicides – Rd. 3 – Run the two light poles and do 10, 20 LBC’s

Run down the stairs over to the greenway, find a rock – Curls – 20x

Run back to catch the late risers.


COP – SSH – 20x, Squats – 15x

Run the Greenway to the Clock Tower stopping at the fountain and do 10 dips & 10 derkins and finish with 15 dips & 15 derkins at the clock tower wall.

Run Morehead to Romany to the bottom of Kenilworth.

Run the dead Presidents loop – Up Kenilworth stopping at the dead Presidents Streets (Pierce, Buchanan, Fillmore) and do 5, 10, 15 Hand Release Merkins. At the top (East) do 20 WW II sit ups. Run back down Scott Ave. and start with 15, 10, 5 HR Merkins at the dead Presidents again and finish with 20 more WW II sit ups at the bottom.

Next – same thing except change route and start up Scott Ave. and do Spiderman Merkins  (5 ,10, 15 up, 15, 10, 5 down) and 20 Russian Twists at the top and bottom.

LBC’s – 20x, Flutter – 20x while waiting on the six

Run back down Romany over to Harding Pl. – 4 trips up Harding, evens run forward, odds  run backwards and do in ascending order 2, 4, 6, 8 Burpees at the top. That sucked.

Run down the other side of Harding to Kenilworth and back home to COT.


– Well two straight weeks of single digits at the Tank. #notforeveryone. Come on Metro you’re better than that.  Boone did point out at least it’s a 33% increase from last weeks 6. #sorryLee.  Maybe it’s not quite time to Armor or Young Gun this workout yet.  Let’s give it another week or so. No where for the PAX to hide this morning with single digits and 4.7 miles covered.  Well, 4.7 if you made it to EC which was only YHC and Curly. #WTF.  YHC still stuck to the EC plan of the suicides at the top of the Target deck.


– New workout (Revolution) starting March 24th (I think) from Revolution Park at 7am.

Thanks Curly for the opportunity to Q this am.  Always enjoy taking the lead at the Tank.

Until next time

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  • February 11, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    Strong Q Want Ad! The ascending burpees on Harding were horrible. Shooting for double digit Pax next week!

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