Fortress turns Five!

27 men posted this morning to celebrate 5 full years at the #1 ranked 5:45am workout in the Metro.  Despite the high level of 2ndF, with one notable exception, most of the Pax got a bit stronger.

The Thang:

GAAP’s half:

Mosey to COP in the back lot of Trinity for the following in cadence: SSH’s x25, IW’s x25, Copperhead Squats x25, Peter Parkers x25, and Parker Peters x25

Mosey up Randolph to St. Gabe’s lot for what was supposed to be 5 rounds around the lower and upper lots with 5 exercises each round.  We increased reps each round, i.e., 5-10-15-20-25.  We started at the bottom of the parking lot and did the following:

  • Bottom of stairs: mountain climbers (per leg)
  • Bunny hop the stairs
  • Top of stairs: squats
  • Top of hill: seal jacks (in honor of Malko)
  • Bottom of hill: star jacks
  • Starting point: heels to heaven

We finished halfway through round 4, when YHC ran out of time and handed off to Barracuda

‘Cuda’s half:

Mosey to the Hotbox (fka ‘Cuda’s Castle) for Cuda’s legendary “Bucket of Pain”.  Pax ran up and over the parking deck and back into the Castle and lined up in two separate groups at each end of the garage doing wall sits.  One Pax member ran the length of the garage and pulled an exercise out of the 5-gallon bucket, ran back to his group and announced the exercise.  Group performed called exercise until the next man up ran back and forth with a new exercise.  After about 20 minutes of fun, the Pax moseyed on back to the Trinity Tarmac with an AYG sprint toward the end.

Malko’s Cameo Q: dollies and flutters until time ran out



  • ‘Cuda and YHC were honored to lead today’s 5-year anniversary workout, and it was great to see all current and former site Qs in attendance.  A special thanks to Noonan & Backup and Sump & Grapevine for continuing to build upon what we started five years ago.
  • Special recognition goes to my good buddy, The Nibbler, who was out front during the St. Gabe’s circuit.  Raider told me that Nibs did exactly 13% of the total called exercises…at least he got a little faster today.  One more word of advice, what ever you do, don’t ever SSSSHHHH him in the ‘hood.
  • Good job by the rest of you today and always enjoy the good-natured ribbing of this fine group of men.


  • Sump finally becomes a Respect – He will be leading Cherokee on 2/17 to celebrate.  Special Happy Hour the night before…5:30pm at Pizza Peel on 2/16.  Come to both if you can!
  • MIP 5-year anniversary is March 3rd – may be a cookout that day as well.
  • F3 Revolution launches March 10th at Revolution Park, 7-8am.
  • F3 Phoenix (in a neighborhood I can’t recall) launches on March 10th as well.
  • Please see Coach for any additional announcements!


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