Hit the bricks

The parking lot was full with more PAX than I’ve seen there before, but they were all there for Q school. Between that and maybe the forecast, we had a light showing. I had planned a sweet beat down too….next time.

The Thang:

Mosey over to the parking lot behind the Junior League. 30 SSH, 20 merkins, 20 diamonds, 20 widearms with a few moments of plank between them. LBC’s of some number I can’t remember – maybe 30. Heels to heaven and finish with 6 inches for 30 seconds. Finish up with 20 squats. Here we go….the bricks.

Each man grabbed a set of bricks that we’d keep with us the remaining time. It’s totally doable but reminds you after the circuits, you’d rather not be carrying them. All exercises possible were done carrying the bricks.

Leaving the Junior League, we ran down the path to the Nature Museum where we paired up. One partner did sets of 10 merkins, 10 squats, 10 LBCs – repeat until your partner gets back. Other partner runs up to Sterling for 5 burpees and back. Three rounds.

Continue down the path to Princeton. Lunge walk from there over the bridge. Pax did squats until everyone was caught up. Mosey into the park and up to the baseball fields. Incline pull ups on the railing, 10 normal and 10 on each side x3. That was tough. I’m not sure we did them all. Mosey to the playground shelter for 20 step ups, 20 dips x3. Still carrying the bricks.

Mosey up to Forest Park Dr (a.k.a. Megatool) – backwards run up to the top of the lurker. Paula commented it was going to suck and he was right. Big shout out to him as I think he was the only one who made it up without stopping. 30 LBC’s and 30 seconds of plank.

Medium run down the lurker, through the park and back to the junior league to deposit the bricks. I wanted to stop at the owl bars to finish off the workout, but we didn’t have time…and it was starting to rain.

Back to COT and Paula recording a solid 3 miles.


Sheep got there late and may have been confused with all the Q school stuff but managed to join us anyway. The workout ended up being heavy on the legs as I had some unexpected soreness the next day, but it was good. Paula commented the bricks sucked but it was a good physical and mental challenge.

Funny note: before the workout, I was standing next to Fishwrap who was talking about the “new guy” leading Bandit – he obviously didn’t know me. I think I’m going on 3 years of F3, but this was only my 2nd Q. I’ll work on that.

One thought on “Hit the bricks

  • February 9, 2018 at 1:00 pm

    Only your second Q!?!?! Gotta get you in the schedule again soon. And this workout looks like it sucked, those bricks are evil. Nice one Nautique!

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