Earth to Tesla…..

The Core faithful met as usual at Myers Park Traditional for our Sunday fun-fest.  Your Humble Correspondent had the pleasure of Co-Qing with Tesla.  This was more thrilling that it might otherwise have been because this is the week that Space-X launched a brand new Tesla automobile into orbit around the earth.  There was some fear among the PAX that our very own human Tesla (Ted) might have been the driver in that car, stuck like David Bowie’s Major Tom in his car in near-earth orbit.  But, No.  Fortunately, our own Tesla joined me (tree hugger and earth defender) to Q the Core workout.  So all is right with the world.

We did have rain though.  So the loyal Pax brought Kettle Bells and we moseyed to the parking deck for a warm up before the real beat down began out on the playing field.  Here is what we did:

Kettle-bells (sets of 15x, then 12x, then 10x):

  • Thruster Rows
  • Goblet Squat
  • Triceps Ext
  • Ball Chinian
  • Greg Louganis
  • Snatch,
  • Upright Rows,
  • Lawn Mowers,
  • Double KB Protractor
  • KB Swing
  • Russian Twist

YHC (Valdez) then retired and the real work began under Teslas leadership.  We began running the ramps of the Queens Parking Deck, with sets of 5 of WW2 setups, Burpees, Merkins, SSHs, etc at every landing.  Then we went to the Queens courtyard for the Triple Nickel, of Merkins& LBCs, interrupted by laps up and down the stairs.  Finally, Tesla took us all to the playing field and presented his piece d’resistance: the Bear Crawl Slalom, which whupped us all.

Announcements of note are:

  • Revolution AO begins March 10th, and Rope a Dope is the Site Q.  We are all planning to support and participate in that (especially in the ensuing weeks following the first saturday posting).
  • Teal Diva run on April 28th honoring Ruth Samuelson (sign up here:
  • Savage Race Charlotte (May 19th)
  • ongoing support requiring CORE engagement, such as Billingsville, AG, MIP, etc.
  • Tesla took us out with his usual thoughtfulness and grace.

I know I speak for my Co-Q Tesla when I tell you what a privilege it is for us to lead this fine group of men.

YHC, Valdez

One thought on “Earth to Tesla…..

  • February 12, 2018 at 7:44 am

    Always a pleasure to be with my homeboys at Core. And an even greater pleasure and honor to lead these men. Hope everybody enjoyed bear crawls for breakfast! Going to make it over ’bout one a month or so from parts west of the Catawba. You guys are welcome at The Fighting Yank on Saturday’s in down town Belmont as well. Come on over! We even have liver mush available at Cherub’s afterwards. Its the real deal.

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