Big Hair Monday – Time Stands Still

21 gents showed up for a Monday morning jam session.  Stogie, BHM Site Q, took the reins for today’s routine.  It may be February, but the weather made it seem like April. The Session went like this:

  • Run down the Greenway to the Parking Lot right in front of CMC.  There was some complaining about a soggy greenway path…but no one ate it into the creek.
  • Get some warm-up in in the parking lot.
    • SSH
    • Merkin
    • Imperial Walkers
  • Jumped right into some suicides across the parking lot followed by some burpees.
  • Moseyed over to the CMC parking garage.  Up the four deck garage (Valdez claimed it was 13 decks).  At each level, we did merkins and squats.
  • Top of the garage…..LBCs, Peter Parkers, and planks.  Down the back stairwell and over to the hill by CMC.
  • Flutter kicks in a side parking lot followed by a run up the hill and back down. Dolleys followed by a run up the hill where we stayed for some Additional Mary in the upper parking lot.
  • A combination of lunges and a mosey by Mayobird down to the dog park for some burpees.
  • Mosey down to a side street off of the gravel parking lot for some suicides.
  • Over to do some dips by the greenway before coming back up to the Parking Lot to plank it out (on elbows) before COT.



  • Great turnout today.  Hadn’t seen Grapevine in a while…always good to see him. I’d like to think folks came out because of me….but I think the 60 degree whether had something to do with it.
  • When I Q, I’m used to time going quickly….Not Today!  The clock just inched along.  Not sure why that was.
  • Always a pleasure to not only be Site Q but to occasionally lead BHM in a session!
  • Enjoy your Monday, Gents.

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