KettleBell Simplicity

Woke up with a good night sleep, woke up not caring about the weather. Ready to hit it with a straight forward KB workout.

WarmUP in the parking lot

25 SSH, 10 IW, Stretch out Right Leg under Right Shoulder Left Leg out straight hold it 30 seconds push your pelvis to the ground, Alternate, 20 Mountain Climbers, Stretch it out again, 20 2Handed Swings, 20 deadlifts, 10 Halos R&L, 10Figure8s R & L Stretch it one more

run a quick mosey through AG lot.

Mosey with KB racked up high around back of AG

Q calls exercise 1 handed Swings

8R/8L when done run to bottom to Selwyn Entrance Rd back up the hill. Then 10R/10L run past Basketball court up ramp and back down, 12 R/12L run over to Folsom Prison 10stepups back to bells top of hill…plank on bell wait on the six

Rinse and Repeat with Push Press, Snatches,

Mary with LBCs, Oblique Crunches, 6inches

Mosey Back to lot

Goblet Squats 8,10,12 stop when 1 minute left finish off last minute with 2 H swings


Naked Man Moleskine

Really good time in the gloom. Good solid group of men ready to push themselves this morning. All Business and Mumblechatter #positivepsychology

Running the hill this morning encounter Split Enz boys on Selwyn Back side. I swear I heard them playing Red Rover…RedRover RedRover send The Cougar right over #J.Veeeeeeeeee!!!!

Felt great being the six to a solid group of men today #lungcrudrecovery #fattyliver

Ickey preparing for the Great Smokey Mountain Relay…slimming into ectomorph body style #Clydesdalecatchingtherabbits

Rev in good positive spirits looking for new opportunities #goodkarmaday

Hitman relishing UNC’s victories over Dook and my beloved Wolfpack #LukeMays#1superfan #lookinggoodforMarch…..F#$k!!!!

Skoal Bandit in Neon Orange about got knocked in the head when others were finishing out their Snatch set #duckcoverandroll

VanWinkle promoting Sunday’s Confession run  when asked to embellish miles ran, no way, ran what we ran #integrityQ

Eminem smoking the runs and smoking the bell #givetheman50lbKB #likeaKOOLMenthol

Tesla great mumblechatter ,kept it clean  great takeout #giftoftheholyspirit

In closing, this morning was awesome. #F3Embodiment


SUMPS #RESPECT Tour starts 0700 Saturday at Cherokee,  Be There!!!!! #SUMPTURNS50

Rev had unfortunate turn of events in the career. He is moving forward not standing still. If you have a networking opportunity send his way. Keep your ears and eyes open he is looking for all possibilities


Push The Envelope. Watch It Bend.






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  • February 13, 2018 at 6:55 pm

    Great beatdown. Got my heart beating and my chest and arms tingly.

    Thanks for helping me get the word out. The nation is the best network ever.

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