Phoenix BB- 2/12/18

Red Foxx comes to workouts early, so does Paula. Paula listens to NPR in his Hybrid real loud while Foxx does burpees in the parking lot (22,700 to go). Paula’s still struggling to get over Rene Montagne’s departure from Morning edition, and while he’s okay with Rachel Martin’s reporting thus far, he’s not sure about the dynamics between her and Steve Inskeep. And how do they coordinate it all when some of them are in Culver City and others are in DC? When I arrived at the workout this am, everyone made fun of my socks. I think it’s because this is the first time they’ve seen my calves since November.

The Thang:

Latte Mile warmup, over to the playground

10 sets of 50 reps of the following, some running thrown in to keep Paula happy:


Pullups (Down to Myrtle to Templeton, AYG back up a block, back to the playground)


Knees to Elbows (Down Myrtle to Mt. Vernon)


Partner situps (AYG back up to Berkley, back to playground)


Squats (Down Myrtle to Templeton, AYG back up to Mt. Vernon, back in to concrete balls of concrete)

Step ups

Balls to the Wall-Walk ups (modified to 15)

Back home.


Lots of chatter about Skyline’s highly mobile neck, rib removal, and Michael Jackson/Marylin Manson this am (Foxx was mistaken for the 2nd time in a month on this one). Doobie likes Millenials, just not the way they do Knees to Elbows. Have you ever seen Teaser Pony’s calves? Holy Buckets. They’re bigger than my quads. #whataman. I found something I’m almost as good as Lee at. On the left hand side of this site there is a Wordfence icon, which gives updates on the state of security of our F3 blogosphere. If you click on it, it shows you how awesome Wordfence is, which countries are getting blocked the most often (blocked 68 attempts from Turkey in the past 7 days). It also listed the most number of failed login attempts. I’m second at 5, to Lee, who has 9. Good work, Lee. For the record, I asked for prayer requests this am and no one had any.

Always a pleasure to lead and spend time with you gentlemen. Sheep’s up next week.

If you need a good one tomorrow, Jeeves is Q at WIB. You shouldn’t come to WIB. You should go to Fortitude. If you’re not going to Fortitude, you should come to WIB.


2 thoughts on “Phoenix BB- 2/12/18

  • February 12, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    I’m guaranteed to get at least 3 more log-in fails this month so good luck keeping up with me. Trying to hit a goal of 20,000 for the year might have been a tad aggressive though.

    Nice job asking for prayer requests though. My secret mole in Phoenix had already told me for auditing purposes though so you are able to keep Q’ing for at least another week.

  • February 12, 2018 at 9:11 pm

    Was that last comment really from Lee or a Russian Bot disguised as a hot GJ Jane?

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