A is for ________ : The impromptu Marv led MIP Q

14 got after it for a little change of pace, and a lot of audibles during the latest rendition of MIP.  After a couple of weeks of music, muscle work, park visits and Q’s who signed up using the link, it was time for YHC to remix it.

10 minute warm up as stragglers came in after there various meetings.  While we waited for all join here’s what we did.
IC- SSH, Merkins into Peter Parkers, hold, right arm high, left arm high, low plank.  Wait for a car picking up someone (not working out), Copper Head squats, Sharon Towers, People’s Chair.  People’s Chair with air presses… audible to Razorback led COT while YHC grabs some shoes for Romeo (hey full service workout here).
Return as Balls-to-the-wall ends, coincidence…  no dice on the shoes so Mosey.

Up to Panther’s Practice facility: Bear Crawl to the gate, Tijuana Squats, more Merkins.
Mosey to the Keep Pounding Wall.  Donkey Kicks, People’s Chair, PC with sumo punches.  Mosey to the parking deck in front of BOA stadium.
Plank for the 6, Merkins, and Parker Peters.
Up the stairs.  Mosey the entire upper level (aka show the course).
A is for exercise:
Partner up based on speed.  Parter One crosses top of deck while partner TWO goes down one level and up the ramp.  When they meet on top deck for 10-partner merkins.  Complete two full circuits (or 40 total merkins).  If you did it right would look like an A on the deck.
Plank for 6, LBC.  Mosey down, using stairs one level.  LBC’s, Heels to Heavens, Inappropriate bridge (crowd/camera pleaser), Freddie Mercury, oblique crunches.

Mosey back to Keep Pounding Bridge.  L-PLanks on the wall.  People’s Chair, Donkey Kicks (OYO)… Mosey back.
Stop one last time for low-plank, low-plank march (Marv favorite), COT.

No watch, no weinke, no problem.  Got back with 30 seconds to spare, but went easy on the group.  Little bit longer run, but even in his Timbs not a problem for Shakespeare.  Good to see Valdez and O’Shack pushing each other and posting more and more at MIP.  Zookeeper after a weekend off seeing Disney on Ice was rallying the masses and keeping the cheer.  Thanks Deer Tick and Carrier for trust and the keys.

Reminder 5 year MIP Anniversary on March 3rd.  New MIP t-Shirt to be revealed.  Any designs or ideas to bring some more energy welcomed.  Stay tuned.  Next week YHC is downrange, but Zookeeper has his virgin Q.

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