A ride on the Death Star

A large and vocal crowd gathered early today.  As everybody was filtering in, some yahoo in a headlamp lopes around the AG corner, stops, takes a piss in the woods.  “Who is that”  we wondered aloud…..?  Then as he gets closer, we see it is Fishwrap !  Damn !  I was not expecting to get audited today, and now I need to go welcome the auditor who just took a piss in the woods and didn’t wash his hands…….  I guess a pat on the back will have to do !  Maybe also paid us a visit.    I love to make jokes about getting audited when “non-core” guys come to a Core workout, but these visits are always uplifting and adds a charge to the super vibe this workout already has.  I hope we didn’t leave your first F hangin’………

Here’s what we did:

Circle up for warmup:  SSH, MC, L/R Hammy/Hip Stretch, Merican, Squat

Mosey to Folsom and plank for the six.

Everybody grab a rock for a round of Rock Mary: Louganis, Dolly Press, Jacknife, Russian Twist, Rosalita Press, Flutter Press – 15 count military = plenty of grumbling

Death Star – 3 rounds – Decline Plank Walk the Far wall, 15 Dips on the opposite wall, 15 derkins in the gazebo, up the short stairs, broad jump the flat gym walkway, backwards lunge walk the ramp, up the tall stairs = 1 round.  Chips was an early finisher and led Mary for the six.

Grab your rocks again for some more rock Mary:  Double-Wipers (Kieffer trademark), Knee Ups, and Double Protractor

Hit the wall for some People’s Chair, Rock Combo: People’s Chair with Ballchinian, Tricep Extension, and People’s Chair with Overhead Press.  2 rounds, 15 and 10 count (military).

Return the Rocks and mosey to the bars for a little round of partner pullup ladder – 1 to 8 and back down.

Mosey to COT for 10 burpees and we’re done.



Billingsville today, and AG Thurs – a little bit helps a lot

Friday 5:30 beers with Sump at Pizza Peel Cotswold, Sat. 7:00 Core converges with Cherokee for Sump’s 50th

DRM didn’t like my coupon decision – says it is against the rules

March 10 we start the Revolution = west side workout

March 3 MIP 5th anniversary

Marv with the takeout

Money needs a guest Q on Sat. for Silver Bullett


Playlist :

Men at Work – Land Down Under, Who can it be now ?

The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I go ?, Rock the Casbah

Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime, Burning down the house

Lou Reed – Walk on the Wild Side

B52’s – Roam

The Fixx – Saved by Zero, One Thing Leads to Another

Human League – Don’t you want me Baby

Pretenders – Don’t Get Me Wrong, Chain Gang (not played)

Soft Cell – Tainted Love (not played)

Blondie – One Way or Another


Thanks Foo for the keys.  If you never Q’d this workout I challenge you to do so.  It’s great.  If you don’t sign up, I will……

3 thoughts on “A ride on the Death Star

  • February 13, 2018 at 6:49 pm

    I wear gloves. When I pee, that is. I put a glove on before I go. Over the years I’ve forgotten where that thing’s been, so, I wear a glove. You would have been safe shaking my hand as I would have taken the glove off to do that.

    Monica Seles, like Pennywise the Dancing Clown, is a Shape-Shifter. I know this because she shifted her shape this morning and crashed ALS using ReverendFloRida as her vessel.

  • February 13, 2018 at 6:59 pm

    yeah Fishwrap, I’m a grunter. I grunt for all the tortured souls that can’t grunt on their own. For the vocally challenged, the mute, the moot, the moat.. for all dem. I grunt for freedom. i grunt for merica. Heck, I grunt for Paraguay, Uraguay, and 50 shades of grey. I grunt for the lost, the found, and the lady at the lost and found.

    I grunt, therefore I m.

  • February 13, 2018 at 8:52 pm

    I should have gone “Hi 5” Tuesday … It would have been the thing to do. Come back again !

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