The Thang:


SSH – 25

Squats – 15

Mountain Climbers – 20

Merkins – 15

Plank Jacks- 15

Run over to top of Ferncliff, where we have not been in a while. Partner up.

Run to bottom of Ferncliff down each side.

Meet at bottom and do 20 Partner Derkins, back up the hill opposite way.

Plank for Six.

Rinse repeat with 20 Partner hand-slap Merkins, back up the hill.

Plank for the Six.

Run over to bars in front of Eddies.

20 Dips in cadence.

15 Derkins in cadence.

10 Dips in cadence.

5 Derkins in cadence.

Run over to top of St. Gabs hill. Back with your Partner.

Partner 1 runs all the way down to the fence while Partner 2 does 20 lunge jumps and 20 flutters.

Do this episode twice.

Run over to the hot box. Back with your Partner. Grab one coupon per team.

Partner 1 does curls, Partner 2 goes down to end and back. Switch.

Partner 1 does presses, Partner 2 goes down to end and back. Switch.

Partner 1 does curls, Partner 2 does gown to end and back. Switch.

Partner 1 does presses, Partner 2 does gown to end and back. Switch.

Run back towards to the Trinity Lot. Stop for quiet count Mary. 20 Dolly’s and 20 heels to heaven.



As always, great group. Workout goal was to diversify and move around. We have not been to Old C-world recently so ventured down that path to start, nor have we hit old reliable St. Gabs hill for the Widow recently so hit that as well. Some chatter early but it was “winded out” of most by the 2nd hill trip. Someone mentioned 3.8 miles.

I’m personally motivated by all that join and attend on these early mornings. Seeing leaders like Newport, Backup, Chowda DK, Film, Hamlet and Boba Fett consistently hitting the wake-up call is a reminder for consistency. That goes for Pitno, Beeker, Seaworld and Scully, who are the 2nd generation coming up the ranks. Boondoggle along with that. Great to see Swap, TeBow (not Deebo) and Gravedigger getting after it as well, crushing the hills. A double shout out to Wilfred and Ruby who are gonna be Qing pretty soon. Sayjack gutted it out today, he is coming off a knee injury (I know your pain brother – 4 words — Copper Fit is Legit! I can share some war stories on the knees). Always a shout to the AO co-lead – Grizzly.

Wait, do you hear that . . . neither do I.  I need more plank jacks!!!!

Did want to give a special shout out to Pitno, believe they raised 40K this year for Roaring Riot. Great example of leadership we can all get behind.

Special announcement – we are doing B-day Q’s – so when you have a B-day let’s get you to lead.

“If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.” – Epictetus

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