SIB Performance Anxiety

13 for SIB. We can put together 2 BRR Ultra teams plus an alternate. Hills this week (and apparently last week also). Coach with 2 consecutive posts to SIB getting better every day.  Good to have Sub4 back from Chimbote. I’ve lost track of when Brat handed off the SIB Q to me and what’s their names that never post anymore. Even after managing it for a while SIB stresses me out the night before more than any other workout. It’s not so much nerves about leading and what we will do. It’s just knowing that it is going to hurt. Most of time you get out of the car dreading what’s coming. Then 50-something minutes later you are back in the parking lot fired up about what we just did.

What we did today:

Brandywine suicide: From the bottom up to Chelsea, back down, up to 3rd speed bump, back down, up to Hillsdale, back down, up to Selwyn back down.

Repeat in reverse order and regroup at the bottom. Short hill to Chelsea then down to Wales.

Up Wales, down, up Chelsea to Brandywine, back down.

Up Wales, down, up Chelsea, left up Dellwood and finish at Hillsdale.

Cool down back to AG.

Hills are tough. I didn’t offer advice this week, but here are couple of suggestions. Number 1: Run the hill with your arms. No not bear crawl but focus on driving your arms each stride. Number 2: Head up, watch your posture. Or as our high school track coach used to yell: “Stay erect!” You can imagine how teenage boys react to that one.

What else happened? Swamp Fox strong as ever. Cindy hoping for more Brandywine intervals. Coach and Ewok getting to know each other better sharing life stories. Shawshank suffering from tech refresh fail (bad weather advice) but warmed up to it quickly. FaSoLa probably wondering why he drove over to AG when we spent most of the workout within a hundred yards or so of his house.

Back at it next week. Time based intervals. It will feel familiar. The clock does not care how you feel or if you need a few more seconds rest.


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