a drunk history of s’ghetti

Nothin’ but a Q thang-

SSH x 50

Track circuit;

400, 20 derkins, 25 dips, 10 leg throws,
400, 20 derkins, 25 dips, 10 leg throws

Wheelbarrow sideline-to-sideline-to-sideline,


2 minute abs.

Field work;

Bearcrawls interspersed with merkins; wide-arm, regular, diamond

AYG 100 x 5 interspersed with burpees, lunges, squats

Repeat track circuit-

Followed with 2 minute abs.

Then bearcrawl with merkins,

Then, AYG 100 x 10 (or thereabouts), ran one backwards, with more burpees, lunges and squats.


Nekkid Talk:

The 12 men posting today just closed the gap or moved out front of those that chose to burrow in their fartsack.

KC back from Peru and delighted to be pooping in an Arcadia-inspired bathroom. I can’t be sure of the Chimbote facilities, but the paper is 20 pound copy quality that turns red when you’re done.

I don’t spend much time with Rhapsody save the occasional #Promo or #Combine jaunt and I want to enjoy the opportunity I have to run in his shadow awhile longer; a year or two, maybe, then I’m afraid I will have to let the man go. It will be an easy decision.

I don’t know Alibi.

Let’s pretend I had to rate Bubba Fett on a 1 -10 scale, with “1” representing disdain. I would need to grade him on a curve to bump his sorry ass to “1.” I use to wonder why no one likes him. I don’t wonder about that anymore. He’s just not very likable.

Foreclosure doesn’t say much. He tried to at COT and I told him to hush. Not now. I like him, though.

I wasn’t going to get into this, but I’ve changed my mind. I want you guys to know how I feel about my man, Slice (a little more on that in the next section), so you can say you heard it here. He’s racing Corporate Cup on March 10 with a sub-1:30 goal – I’m calling BS. He ran CC last year (having been in F3 for a year or so) and just barely missed it. He could #babydick it this year and hit that – assuming everything comes together for him with no issues on race day. He’s running fast. He’s running strong. If he shows up with the right balance of love (for the opportunity) and hate (for the possibility of “failure”) then he’ll blow it wide open. Sub-1:28. There, I said it.

What the heck was Atlas doing?

Haven’t seen Ben Franklin in a minute. That was a treat. HVD to me!

If you haven’t heard, Sump’s turning 50! Not sure how you could miss that news, my man won’t shut up about it. I kid around. HBD to you!

Sauerkraut, did you get that big toe gout thing cleared up? Who gets gout? Weirdo.

Spooky in for a little EC before the actual EC. I like it.

Me and Lynchpin will keep our eye on the uptown condo market – we’re thinking when the correction comes (and it’s coming…) we’ll snap up a few adjacent units and “Back To School” those b*tches for one superfly TNT spread #TripleLindy

The Full Monty:

I’m a fan of Pizza, Pizza (sorry, the BB is no longer available from F3Nation.com). The writer, a 3rd generation I-talian kid from 183rd Street in New York City. He’ll tell you he’s from Brooklyn, but I got it on good authority that he once ran with a small gang up there #ABronxTale.

The I-talian Kids. That was the name of their gang, The I-talian Kids. A bunch of creative degenerates; moonin’ passersby, stealin’ hubcaps, playin’ hopscotch. On the mean streets of New York, The I-talian Kids.

So, I pressed him for a follow up. I pressed him for Spaghetti, Spaghetti. He b*tched and moaned, “No, no, no…!” Like a damn I-talian baby, “I wanna write about Lasagna, Lasagna.”

For the 3rd installment, sure, you can write about Lasagna all you want. But you don’t follow the most popular food in the entire world with Lasagna. That’s stupid. You do Spaghetti. Everybody knows that.

I don’t want to say it came to a head, but I challenged him to a BB (about food) write off. It’s like a dance party, but with the written word.

I go first.

a drunk history of s’ghetti

Spaghetti, if that’s even its real name, was invented in China in 1 B.C. by Mongolian half-siblings Yin, Yuen, Nguyen & Yang. “Spaghetti” translates as Yìdàlì miàn and looks like this 意大利面 (in Chinese), but only when wheat semolina is substituted for rice flour and cooked al dente.

Marco Polo imported this pasta to Sicily in the 13th century, tinkered with the key ingredients, then sold that sh*t to some of his WOP mafia friends in Southern Italy; here it became the countries best kept secret, until…

Some 700 years later when Italian filmmaker, Sergio Leone, would smuggle “Spaghetti” into the United States by bootleg, using his Western movie A Fistful of Dollars as its mule.

While on the set of the film and being interviewed by TIME Magazine, twirling spaghetti provided by Craft Services on his fork, Clint Eastwood was overheard and quoted as saying, “Go ahead, sketti, make my day.”

The amused reporter was rumored to have asked,

in a deep voice and spoken in slow motion:

“Whaaaaat’s thaaaaat? Yoooou’re eating… whaaaaat? How do you saaaaay it?”

Clint, “What, sketti?”

Uh, yeah. “Say it again…”

Clint, “Spaghetti. Spa-ghetto. Spa-ghetti. S’ghetti!” when his fork accidentally drops to the ground, “Uh oh, spaghetti-o!”

The name stuck. That same year Campbell’s would get in the spaghetti game, but it would take another 20 years for Real Spaghetti to make it to the U.S. dinner table where it debuted at an Olive Garden in Florida when #OG founders had the genius idea to pair Spaghetti and Meatballs with all you can eat salad and breadsticks.

How You Do It:

Everything store bought. You don’t do scratch. You don’t make anything, ever. You prepare.

  • One Large Can of Hunt’s Garlic & Herb Pasta Sauce
  • HT Brand Box Spaghetti – the quality of the pasta doesn’t matter; grab the cheapest thing you can find. Anything that comes in a box, can or tube is typically the best product out there.
  • 1 – 1¼ lb of ground beef. Get this off the shelf. Not from the butcher.
  • Kraft Grated Parmesan, from the plastic bag or bottle, is top notch.

Finally, the bread,

  • Pepperidge Farms Garlic Toast. If they’re out, go with the Texas variety.


Ps. As long as (your pasta of choice) is served with tomato sauce you call it s’ghetti in America, because you wouldn’t tell someone you’re having Bucatini or Capellini or Fedelini for dinner. You’d only confuse them and one thing we don’t like to do in America is confuse people.

Well, you might…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Your sweetheart,


4 thoughts on “a drunk history of s’ghetti

  • February 14, 2018 at 12:38 pm

    Fish all I can say is I’ve missed you and you never disappoint. I’ll give you an F for creativity in the workout but an A+ for BB creativity. Averages you out to a C which sounds about right.

  • February 14, 2018 at 1:27 pm

    Challenge accepted…
    I mean… Hunts Garlic & Herb Pasta Sauce… it’s just disappointing that’s all.

  • February 14, 2018 at 2:19 pm

    FW doing SSH’s is poetry in motion. Heck even Atlas came over to watch.

    Thanks for keeping Foreclosure under wraps – he wouldn’t stop talking about the all the great assistant coaches in Davidson’s basketball history.

  • February 14, 2018 at 2:51 pm

    you put me at number 1….aww that’s so sweet! HVD to you too FW!

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