Ash Wednesday and St. Valentine’s Day at Gamucci

Wednesday was combination day: Ash Wednesday, St. Valentine’s Day, and mud day.


  • COP was nothing but old standards without dance music.
  • Selwyn Elementary entrance road was more pole-to-pole standard craft.
  • Over Spacklers hump and to MPHS was definitely old stuff. Pain stations.
  • Rambling back through MPHS to Selwyn was a drag. Pain stations.
  • But, the MPHS cross country course without moonlight was outstanding.
  • The course mud, plus the mud getting out of the lost Atlantis basketball court, both were exceptional.
  • Lots of pull-ups with mushy emoting in the rest periods was just wrong.
  • People’s chair and donkey kicks for time to elapse.
  • COT.

Nekkid News

  • No ashes or Valentines were presented but F2 as stout.
  • No Cougar, no Tryon, no Robo. What?
  • Welcome to Irishman FNG renamed Frugal McDougal. Appropriate. At least it seemed appropriate at the time.
  • Ann & Hope was fast. Faster than what, though?
  • When Frankie or Booth complain, it still sounds nice. How does one cultivate that demeanor?
  • Kit’s still all-cotton, all the way, all the time. Dress to kill, every time.
  • Are St. Paul and Minneapolis really twins, or do they just really, really, really look like one another?
  • Revenge of Chimbote is still sensitive topic. Orifice damage, it sounds like.
  • Mud was a fashion disaster but no ankles or knees were damaged.
  • Always good to be at Gamucci, the granddaddy’s granddaddy. Thanks, 6Mike.
  • Nice take out prayer by Bird Hole? (uh…mental block)
  • Peace be with you, gents.


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