Zip Lines Don’t Go Uphill

Bahama Road Trip:
B-line to Plaza Midwood for the Nassau hill between Kensington Dr and Hall Ave stopping once along the way at the Penguin sign for some SSH IC.
Run up Nassau with 10 Sumo Jump Squats at the top and 10 derkins at the bottom.
B-line it back to Indy park stopping a few more times along the way.
DQ: 10 widearms IC
Random Elizabeth neighborhood intersection: 10 diamonds IC
To the parking lot for 30 lbc’s IC, 25 bicycles IC , 1 min 30 sec of burpees.
CO….wait, still more time…so down to the playground for 20 dips IC and bear crawl Lombard back to the lot.


YHC arrived early for a short warmup knowing we’d be covering some distance this morning. Went for a 1/2 mile, 5 min, get the blood pumping, slow mozy. Back to this later!

The usual refusniks and solid crew were waiting patiently for the gun, so off we went through the darkness dancing around the Hawthorne Ln construction with only a small red flashing/blinding light to guide our path.

Almost a hot mile before the first stop to regroup and SSH’s. Was beginning to think we dropped one already, but forgot Missing De has gotten faster. Lo and behold he was hiding during the SSH and was on YHC heels the whole way. So, we hit the trail again.

Next stop…Bahamas. The SIB PAX were not pleased after hills just the day before. 3rd time up Nassau was not appreciated knowing we had some distance to get back.

We were educated at length about why zip lines don’t go up hill by one of the unnamed PAX, which YHC thinks was more of a ploy to not do the exercises, so he and his buddy could stay up front with Lee and CMD. Typical hijinks, ya know!

Trip back was filled with pleas and complaints about more stops and shortened distance intervals. But, time was ticking (or so I thought), so we mushed on back to the lot for a few more exercises. A few PAX did them, as called (Tanks Hillary), while others stood around, probably too winded from our blistering pace.

YHC called time, but news to me, there was 5 more minutes to go (refer to warm-up mozy above and not restarting my watch). Now, I know this may seem a surprise to most of the PAX, but I’m not the most gifted athlete when it comes to speed or strength, but quitter I AM NOT. There were calls to just put this morning out of its misery and quit, but NAY NAY, back down the stairs we go for 5 more minutes.

Finally, COT was called and was at the correct time. So, the beating commenced! Something about a handbook and all the rules I broke. But, it was a good time, entertaining, everyone got a good laugh, and I raised my average. In truth, YHC wouldn’t have it any other way.

Saturday Midwood 6@6 miler EC before Midwood workout.

Thanks for the keys CMD and Thanks Hillary for the takeout.

Mr Bo

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