6 bros crushed their Friday morning run. A little thing we call 8@8. We actually ran 8 min pace, all together. It was nice. Oh, and we had this thing called COT where we actually counted off, namerama, and prayed. It was like real F3.


The Thang:

The Moleskin:

  • Subway wore a bathing suit he stole from an Italian teenage boy. 2 in. inseam #plenty #everylittlethinginitsplace
  • Disney hemmed and hawed about his fitness and readiness for 4/14 RaceFest…. the guy just finished a 20 mile trail race and he’s worried about his tempo run paces a week after. #insecureveteran
  • Federalist begged for more 20/20 jokes. Instead I shared things that have shocked me thus far in the book I’m reading . For one, Christopher Columbus was basically a viking. For two, natives in NA ~1500 – 5 to 10 Million; in 1900 – ~250,000
  • Checkpoint rain extra today but I ran in and out so couldn’t join him #itslikerayiaaaaanyourweddingday


See you next time,


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