All 5 F’s at Casbah

In addition to the usual strong fitness, fellowship, and faith, yesterday 13 of the faithful were treated to two bonus F’s courtesy of their Q: flatulence and flu-like symptoms.  While not as universally appreciated as the traditional 3 F’s, both of the other F’s played an important role in…

The Thang:

– Fast mosey out to Foxcroft, dodging a late-arriving, would-be Pax’ (later ID’d as Talkbox) mom SUV, pick up Finch Nukem, and circle up on the smooth blacktop at Foxcroft Hills Swim & Racket for COP:

SSH x15

Imperial Walker x10

Diamonds x10

Flutter x15

Those last few flutters must have triggered something down below, as YHC punctuated the 15th rep in cadence with everyone’s favorite unofficial F, flatulence!

– Fast mosey to evacuate the area while Kirk sought out a gastroenterologist in the Pax to help YHC.  While we happened to have Gas X in the Pax (apparently, explosive flatulence is his “wheelhouse” or something like that), his services were thankfully not required

– Partner up at the Warburton halfpipe at which point it became a bit of a shit show while the Pax tried to avoid being stuck with YHC and my “flu-like” symptoms (it was only a bit of a fever and some congestion, fellas).  LBJ drew the short straw for 2 rounds of the following:

P1 heads up Warburton to the cul-de-sac for 10x hand-release merkins, while P2 heads up Warburton to Pomfret for 10 jump squats.  Meet back in the Foxcroft intersection for 20 partner hand-slap merkins.  Then flapjack, rinse and repeat (audible to 10 hand-slap merkins for the next 3 times)

– Bit of Mary to collect the Pax (flatulent free this time)

– Mosey up Foxcroft to Beretania for a trip over the hill to the Sedley intersection and back with 2, 4, 6, 8, & 10 hand-release burpees at Foxcroft, top of the hill, Sedley, top of the hill, and Foxcroft

– More Mary, then back to Warburton

– 3 trips up the hill to Luuuuke’s crib for 20, 20, & 19 Kuechlys at the top (#hattip to Cold Cuts) with same count of merkins at the bottom

– Mosey down to Sedley, switch to backwards run up the Skulk to Belknap, then back to regular mosey to the benches

– Dips x20 IC

– Back to home base for burpees x5

– COT with no BOM (those “flu-like” symptoms again) with takeout by YHC

Naked Man Moleskine:

– YHC had proactively sought a substi-Q on Wednesday while waylaid by a fever, but managed to recover enough to snatch the Q back from Cold Cuts.  Based on his reaction to performing partner hand-slap merkins with “Patient Zero”, YHC thinks LBJ wishes that Cold Cuts had not graciously agreed to turn back over the reins

– Good to have Cold Cuts back out there and to have both Duck Rabbit and Gas X, who used to be regulars, back with us.  Welcome to Finch Nukem whose highlight of the day, in YHC’s opinion at least, was a perfectly-executed tuck and roll after a stumble over the curb

– Belated apologies to Talk Box, who was driving the aforementioned “mom SUV” and couldn’t find the Pax after we descended the Skull

– Sprinkle showed up talking about having been out for three weeks, then dusted the Pax all morning #showoff

– Hope no one caught the funk from YHC


– Run Jen Run is the first Speed for Need race of the season and is now only two weeks away.  Details here:

– Revolution, the first F3 workout in West Charlotte, launches on March 10.  Check the monthly newsletter for details.

– Get Outside Mountain Relay preview day will be on St. Patrick’s Day.  Join YHC and others for some mountain running, free breakfast, and second F before settling in for the NCAA tournament or hitting a holiday bar crawl.  Details here:

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

God bless,



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