MIP is Growing and Going!

A big crowd of F3s finest gathered this morning for the Mission I’m Possible (MIP) workout at the Charlotte Rescue Mission.  We had twenty in the pax: not a record but close.  We were led by Zookeeper, who was a virgin Q for the day.  Most notably, we had a big crowd of FNGs, which bodes well for the future of MIP.

Zookeeper started us off at a fast pace.  We went up to the lawn just south of the CRM for a warm up, of SSH, Sharon Towers, and Merkins.  We then did an over-and-back karaoke run, with burpees at the other end.

Zookeeper then took us around the corner to the parking lot and rock pile where everyone picked up a giant stone as their personal training device.  Then, circled up, we did a series of Overhead presses, Ball Chinians, and Jacknifes.  We did this series three times, indexing around the circle at each exercise so as to get some variety of stones.

Our energetic Q took us down to the bridge and back around to the soccer field, where we split into four groups, each of which did either a run around the field, SSHs, LBCs, or pull-ups.  This got a little crazy, certainly the fault of the poor listening skills of the veteran F3ers present, who usually prefer to jabber than to listen carefully to Q instructions.

Finally, we finished with an indian run up the hill back to the CRM and the COT.

Of note is that we had a lot of FNGs.  These have now all been named:

  • FNG Ronald— Raven
  • FNG Steven— Nowhere
  • FNG Jose — Ronaldo
  • FNG Roger — Clemenca
  • FNG Chris — Grizzly
  • FNG Jeff — Shortskirt

This was really a great workout in several regards.  One is the aforementioned presence of SIX FNGs from the Rescue Mission, and this in addition to a couple of CRM clients who are repeat men.  It is a pleasure to see the F3 veterans outnumbered by the CRM clients. Another way that this was good was the outright enthusiasm of the group present.  I credit Zookeeper with some of this, but I also credit the steady growing popularity of F3 among the CRM men.  We are getting traction.  And finally, it is a fine thing to see the Q come forth from among the CRM pax, as Zookeeper has done.  This really is servant leadership of the finest kind and a joy to be a part of.

We ended our workout with a COT, where Beaver and Rev took us out, and most of those present made a contribution to the prayer.

It is always a treat to be a part of the MIP workout, and to support Zookeeper in his advancement.

Your Humble Correspondent, Valdez

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