Shut ‘R Up!

13 of F3’s finest showed up for the “no running” workout known as Core Meltdown.  LaLanne and My Sharona opted to Ruck, but the rest were dialed in for a little Hoe Down inspiration.  More on that later.  Here’s how it went down.

Grab your bells and mosey to the lake for a little COP at two spots-  SSH, IW, Squats, Monkey Squat Thrusts.  Partner up for Farmer Carry to the circle in front of the Nature Museum (10 merkins for the one not carrying the bells).

Line up for some stacks.  Shut Ups, first introduced by Hoe Down, were in store for the group.  We ran out of time for the last “S”, but threw an “R” in.  So Shut ‘R Up it is.  Start with 10 IC KB swings, plank it up and on count of 3, all out to top of hill at Sterling for called exercise.  Next round, add 10 IC Hammercurls, then plank, run and called exercise.  Smart men figured out a pattern is developing.  Add 10 IC Upright Rows, 10 IC Tricep Extensions, 10 each side Renegade Rows, 10 IC Upright Rows, 5 Push Press each side.  My how time flies…..couldn’t unstack it.  Farmer Carry back for COT.

NMM:  Welcome to Sun Spot, visiting from Lancaster, Pa, and Butter, recent addition to F3. Hope to see both back soon!  Missed Hoe Down at this workout, which one could argue was in his honor.  Strong effort by everyone.  Got a little running in, got some burn in….all in all a good day!

Quick announcements due to YHC’s lack of time coordination.  Convergence with Cherokee on Saturday in honor of Sump gaining respect status, launching Revolution Workout March 10 at Revolution Park, Teal Diva at Freedom Park on April 28 in honor of Ruth Samuelson (great opportunity to help Speed for Need by pushing someone who is going through treatment for ovarian cancer).

Take out by Rev.  Wow that guy can bring it!   Reminded us that sometimes when we are so focused on our problems, we forget that others are struggling also.  At times, we all need each other’s support.  One of the reasons we do this thing called F3.

Always one of the best parts of the day…. working out and being with you guys!


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