No Mutha Today

Smallish but patriotic crowd took to the streets to celebrate President’s Day.

Here’s what happened:

Down Lexington and right on Euclid to the bottom of the hill.  AYG to Park stopping at each cross street for wide-arms: 5 at the first and increase by 5 thereafter.

Over to the tennis court lot for a bit of ab work: low flutter x 12 and hold, medium flutters x 12 and hold, low flutters x 12 and hold, hands on chest for canoe, up to boat, etc.

Down Park to Winthrop for 11’s.  Double-count diamonds at the top of the hill, burpees at the bottom.

Mini plankerama then partner carry up the Winthrop hill.  Flap jack.

Into the park and over to the wall.  8 jump-ups then over to the playground for 8 pull-ups.  each time you cross the basketball court, bear crawl the 2nd half of the court.  Repeat for 3 rounds total.  Dips to catch your breath.

Down Myrtle to Mt. Vernon.

  • on your bellies facing up the hill on Mt. Vernon – AYG to Euclid
  • on your bellies facing up the hill on Euclid – AYG to the 2nd cross street
  • on your bellies facing up the hill again – AYG to Park

Back down Euclid to Lexington.  One last AYG home.



-G tried to hype the Q on the Twitter machine, but it looks like the holiday may have kept a few away this AM.  Hopefully it wasn’t the weather because it was just about perfect out there in my book.

-I’d had enough of Mutha with Ice last week, and hanging with Rhapsody at Combine last Fri got me thinking how much I’d missed Latta of late, so that’s where we went.

-What the crowd lacked in size it made up for in grit – nothing soft about this crew.  Except maybe Cindy who didn’t want to get his back wet for the abs.  Partner carries he likes, and he’s a good horse whisperer, but I don’t near to hear about your d*ck when you’re on my back – just sayin.

-I thought it was weird when I heard a train coming on the AYG up Euclid to Park towards the end of the workout.  Turns out it was just Hopwood down shifting to push the big engine well into the red.  It was pretty awesome.

-I’ve been on the fence about whether I thought Hillary asks for clarifications on instructions so often because he doesn’t hear well or just doesn’t listen.  I decided today that it’s neither, he just likes to see if he can disrupt the Q.  It’s a classic #rifty trick.  Don’t let him get you.

-Honored to have Gitmo unstrap the helmet and join the other pedestrians.

-Great take-out from Thrust.

-Appreciate the keys, G!  Always a pleasure to lead these men.



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