So YHC turned 50 years old this past Saturday. Because F3 has had such an important impact on my life since I started posting 4 ½ years ago, I wanted to do something special to recognize both my milestone birthday as well as this brotherhood.

You see, because of F3, YHC is embracing Respect not dreading it. That’s a far cry from where YHC was five years ago when I turned 45. The person I was at 45 is nothing like the person I am today. My life is better today because of the support and friendship of my F3 Brothers.

For those reasons, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my 50th birthday than to Q Cherokee, my go-to Saturday workout. I put the word out to let the Pax know of my plans in hopes they could join me.

The turnout on Saturday easily exceeded my expectations. YHC was overwhelmed as the Pax rolled into the Mint parking lot and a large crowd began to assemble. In the end, 64 men joined YHC to celebrate my 50th birthday.

The Thang
Right out of the Mint parking lot down Randolph to the second medical building parking lot
COP: SSH x 30, IW x 20, Copperhead Squats x 20, Merkins x 15, Knee-ups x 15

Run across Randolph to MPTLL parking lot between Billingsville Elem and the MPTLL baseball fields

Ladder: HR Merkins/ Knee-ups
Pax individual choice: run hill towards Billingsville or entrance road towards baseball fields
At top: HR Merkins x 10/ At Bottom: Knee-ups x 10
Rinse and repeat, reducing reps by 2 each time

Lee leads Larry Birds and eventually rest of the Pax in Flutters x 80 (WTF!?)

Partner-up with someone you don’t know and with a different skill level
Mosey to Billingsville front parking lot

The Super Ultra Mega Pyramid (Partner Version)
Partners combined complete called # of reps for each exercise
P1 runs to end of parking lot and back while P2 starts on exercise
Plank for the rest after each round

Squats: Jump Squats x 200
Upper-body: Merkins x 150
Mary: LBC’s x 100
Pain: Burpees x 50

Next stop the Arena Steps
11’s: Dips and Derkins

Head back to front parking lot
Mary: LBC x 15/ Rosalita x 25/ Dolly x 25/ Heels to Heaven x 20

Cross over Randolph – head to Mint entrance

On your belly – AYG to the fountain!


Valdez reminded Pax to support Mission I’m Possible on Saturday mornings (9AM @ Charlotte Rescue Mission)

Welcome to Elf (FNG Buddy Ford) who came out Saturday with Red Dragon. Pax immediately seized upon the first name “Buddy” with calls for “Elf,” YHC hoped something more creative might present itself but when Nibbler shouted his usual recommendation “Porno,” YHC decided to go with “Elf” and shut the naming process down before it took COT off the rails.

OK – Saturday was incredible! I appreciate all the Pax who showed up as well as the ones who reached out to me in advance because they couldn’t be there. Everyone’s support, kind words and effort to be there means more than I can tell you.

There are a few Pax I want to mention specifically:

The Core guys who cancelled their regular Saturday workout at MPTS to converge with Cherokee

Eye Chart, Boomer and Tantrum for their gifts of beer

Grapevine for organizing the Happy Hour celebration on Friday and for all those who joined us

Moonshine for double-downing from the Worm

Silent Bob for the pre-tweet on Friday about Cherokee and Tolkien for his post-tweet on Saturday

My mentee Caddy who came out of retirement to be here

Bel Air for pulling up lame on the AYG finish so YHC could claim victory

And lastly Ribeye for the 6-pack of 2 Buck Chuck red wine and, more importantly, his extremely gracious take-out

Thank you all for your support, not just this past Saturday, but since my FNG post in June 2013. I am grateful to the many leaders who started this juggernaut and made it a reality and to those who continue to grow F3 on a daily basis so it remains a positive force in our community.



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