SIB: Hello Darkness

15 pax ground out another week of SIB.

What we did:

10 minute warm up.

2-1-30 workout. Several previously explanations in backblasts but all from before the “Metro” website was created so I’ll provide here for current (and future reference). Goes like this:

2 minutes hard (1 minute jog recovery)

1 minute hard (30 second jog recovery)

30 seconds hard (30 second jog recovery)

Repeat from the top – roll into 2 minutes hard immediately after the last 30 second recovery.

7 full rounds. Then cool down back to AG.

Regroup on the jogs between intervals so we always start together. Your mileage may vary but 7.91 was the most anyone did (ask me how I know).

It wasn’t officially hills week but we managed to find a few anyway. We stayed in a fairly small area off of Wendover but think several pax close to being lost due to the combination of minimal streetlights, doubling back, using short cut thru streets and the fact that signs reading “Forest Drive” appear just about everywhere and go off in many inconsistent directions.

(Let’s pretend I inserted a visual aid here but I can’t figure out how.)

Back to back Missing De posts. Don’t listen to him sandbag about how he might get left – he  stays with pax just fine. Checkpoint gives some old man excuses from time to time but he ought to be your role model – dude gets it done. Once again Cindy begging for more intervals – maybe one week I’ll throw in an extra round after claiming to be finished just to keep everyone on their toes.

Brolympics 2 is this weekend. You should go. Checkpoint was amazing last time. I’m sure he will repeat his performance. Details are here.

Next week is sprints – AYG. Don’t miss it. Shortest run of the month and much more jog/rest than actual sprints. Easy. Trust me.


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