The Nabisco

The best thing about kicking a$$ is that people ask you to Q their workouts on short notice. Like when I asked Nabisco to Q today on Saturday during an intimate coffeeteria after The Worm. He agreed, of course, because he kicks a$$. Maybe I was too eager and seemed excited, probably because he filled out my#allstarQlineup for the next 3 weeks (Thin Slice on deck, Gandalf in the hole). Well, the bandit didn’t show. After some unhelpful help from Hillary and Kirk, we were off. Mariah made the call on the way up the hill to hit the wedge rather than the CHS deck.

The Thang:

Quick mosey up to the top of the wedge on East Blvd, partner up. Head in opposite directions, down to the bottom, zipper-style, meeting at the center of each cross street, with 10 handclap merkins each time you meet your partner. At the bottom, 20 Squats and then straight back to the top, 50 LBC’s, and repeat.


Extra gloomy gloom this am, with the fog and humidity. Maybe it was President’s day, maybe it was the promise of a great Q- either way, a good turnout this am. A solid showing from Dib and Hillary. Boone partnered up with Nabisco, who wasn’t there. This really helped on the handslap merkins. Mileage between 3 and 5 miles, everything ended right on time, just like it always does.

Reminder from Hillary to join in Billingsville tutoring on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm.

Thanks to Dib for the takeout.

Thanks to Nabisco for the opportunity to name a new classic.

One thought on “The Nabisco

  • February 21, 2018 at 11:35 am

    The real backblast:

    5:32am launch due to safety precautions in the fog. Don’t head up East, head into the park, run through and head to bottom of lurker. Small crowd today. Reminds me of Run N’ Gun. So much so that AYG 5k seemed appropriate. Head back out of the park, left on Kings, left on Morehead, left on Kenilworth, run past a bunch of guys doing a bootcamp that looked moderately controlled and painful, left on East back to gravel lot.

    Early COT – pax felt some intestinal trouble brewing. Nabisco with the takeout – forgiveness requested.

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