Burp Back Mountain

Get Loose:

Bacards run up the concrete drive up and around the church and down into the lower concrete parking lot for warmup

28 SSH

10 Copperhead Merkins

15 Rosalitas

15 Monkey Humpers



Being this was the day after Valentines day my recent Q school theming plan came into play and my goal was to leave the PAX (who hopefully had an evening of Quality Time with their Ms) with enough of a workout that they’d be officially worn out 😉

Rolled into the parking lot HOT anticipating some time to put together a plan for the kickoff exercise and noticed a solo PAX relaxing in his whip, as he opened the door he asked if this AO still had EC.  Not wanting to disappoint him or site Q Hollins, I opted for a quick scouting lap around the area to check out the #hillofpain and #towerofterror.  It was a quick 1.3 miles and I got to know the man, the mystery and the legend known as Ice 9.  Turns out he was named from a Kurt Vonnegut novel, Cats Cradle, here is the Wikipedia summary:

Ice-nine is described as a polymorph of water which instead of melting at 0 °C (32 °F), melts at 45.8 °C (114.4 °F). When ice-nine comes into contact with liquid water below 45.8 °C (thus effectively becoming supercooled), it acts as a seed crystal and causes the solidification of the entire body of water, which quickly crystallizes as more ice-nine. As people are mostly water, ice-nine kills nearly instantly when ingested or brought into contact with soft tissues exposed to the bloodstream, such as the eyes or tongue.


Anyways, the polymorph and I made a good quick lap and then entered the main event.  Knowing that DREDD was returning from his Peruvian gut buster for his first post in a couple of weeks I was anxious to get him and the other PAX that had heard the call of the Grizzly fired up.


Get Loose:

Bacards run up the concrete drive up and around the church and down into the lower concrete parking lot for warmup

28 SSH

10 Copperhead Merkins

15 Rosalitas (just because)

15 Monkey Humpers (just because)


Partner up for some post V-Day Burp Back Mountain

Partner 1 runs from the parking lot up the grass hill and back while partner two AMRAP Burpees

Rinse and Repeat

Team stops at 100 Burps #Brutal

I opted for the brutal beat down know as Burp Back Mountain.   I didn’t realize how tough that hill would become when coupled with the full body beatdown of a Burpee Swap.  Mission Accomplished, the PAX were smoked.


Run over to the HotBox for the #TowerofTerror WOD

Partner #1 AMRAP: 5 Pull-ups, 10 Merkins, 15 Squats & Repeat

Partner #2 Runs up the 98 Steps and back down to meet Partner #1

Rinse and Repeat for 3 Rounds



The Hotbox is always a crowd pleaser and a typical lap up and down takes about 6 minutes.  That equates to 6 minutes of Cindy per lap for Partner 2, if your Booty that means 20 Kip Pullups,  40 Merkins, and 60 Squats.  If your a normal human that means 10-15 pullups, 20-30 Merkins and 30-45 squats.  Not to mention the 98 steps to the top of the #towerofterror #MiniMuthaShip. I am a normal human and I was squarely kicked in the Teeth.  #MissionAccomplished


Plank for the 6

Mary was led by Kirk, Swap and Double Knot, thanks for helping with a quick core stop.


Run to the Coupons for Partner Curls

Partner #1 Curls while Partner #2 runs to the end of the deck and back

R&R to 200 Curls

Coupons never disappoint, Partners working to 200 curls with 38 pound blocks is no joke and Hollins may have another #bagoftricks in store for the PAX of the #Hotbox very soon #foreshadowingworks


Run up to the Locksmith and sprint to Sharon Amity, stop at the light and wait to cross, thanks to the PAX that helped with the traffic #WTFwuzIThinking

stop at the upper lot for some more plank

run to the bottom of the hill then AYG back to the Flag



28 PAX is a tough number to stay in front of especially when Nibbler shows up.  Sauerkraut was scared to show up, so he didn’t.

KIRK was definitely there, my bad on the COT misfire

Im too late on most of the announcements, my fault for falling behind on the BB.

Keep the victims and families of the Florida shooting in your hearts and prayers, lift them up and kiss your Babies.

Hollins, great work keeping Bastion hard and fun, Thanks for the opportunity.








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