Are you counting?

The Thang:

First 15: Yog southward on the greenway and then over to the CHS parking deck. Up to the top, stopping at each level for burpees. 1 on 1st, 2 on 2nd.. etc. Little Mary at the top. Down the side stairwell, back to pick up the Pax, right on time.

The 2nd 45: 25 SSH,  wait for Squeaky to roll in and get his keys hid (squats), then on to Torrence. Head up towards 4th St, stopping at each intersection for Merkins (5, 10.. up to 25, or 30 if you’re Thrust and never learned what 4×5 is). Over to the CPCC deck, up to the top, stopping at each level for building burpees a la the 1st 15. At the top, some Mary while we wait. Back out to Torrence, keep heading towards Independence Park, building squats (5,10,15..). Over to Castle, little Mary while we collect the Pax. Up to the top, backwards up the stairs #crowdpleaser #assanine #notworthit. Little plank at the top, then across and back down other side. At level 5, start burpees at each level as we go down (10,8,6..). Mary. Over to the Govt. Offices deck on 4th and 277. Up stairs, building burpees a la the first couple of decks. Mary at the top. Back down, and take it home on the greenway, going over the Target deck on the way. Arrive right on time.


Slaughts thinks I count too quietly. I think he’s been working out with HE too much.

Vorhees was especially strong at the backwards stair climbing. Slaughts thought he was compensating for something genetic. Vorhees was too far ahead to hear this. Vorhees tried to talk to me about BRR, but I failed, because he’s faster than me.

I probably should have read what Galdalf did at the Castle yesterday before this workout, but I didn’t. Sorry for the repeat. I do like the new look of caution tape and un-caulked cracks. It adds a level of adventure, kind of like when my wife wears a wig.

Welcome back to town Doobie, good to see new faces of Shortstop and Squeaky out there.

Word on the street is Sparta has a special Q in the am. Come on out.

I forget who did the takeout, but thank you.

Thanks for the keys, Curly and Slaughter. Always a pleasure.




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