The Rented Red Headed Mule

In so many  groups of men, you gotta hide what is going on that might be painful or difficult.  You keep up an exterior that makes it appear like everything is okey dokey , even when it is not.   The only expression you can show is anger.  Conversations need to be limited to sports, tv, or superfical stupid comments about women.

Luckily for me, I have F3. I don’t have to hide that I got the rug yanked out from underneath me with my job.  I don’t have to pretend that I am not scared, frustrated, and fight the feelings of despair and financial anxiety.  However, what I do have to do is to get out of bed and go.  So…. same as when I had a job, I get ” bolt upright” when the alarm goes off,  and get at it.  The only difference between now and when I had a job is that I  take out my anger and frustration on the workouts.  In particular, I beat on Motley today.  Hard.

I mean, why wouldn’t you? He’s a 6’5″ ginger that has the mind of a physicist and the mouth of a men’s room attendant.  He plays the good old boy from Lumberton act while at the same time solving quadratic equations in his head.  I mean, I can’t come up with a reason not to whip his ass. Can you?


Here’s how we beat The Red Headed Rented  Mule:

COP: The Standard. Even with an extra heavy beating, we maintain consistency.

Grab pipes and lace them through the handles of the KB’s. Get in groups of 4.  2 men carry, 2 men 2men do 10 merkins and pursue.   Stop at the stairs by band shelter.

Get into groups of 3.  One man runs to the top of the stairs, the other 2 do KB swings. 3 rounds of this nastyness, just to get us ready for what came next.

Mosey to the picnic shelter at the top.  11’s with bulgarian split squats and Goblet squats.

Mosey to rails for a round of 5’s.  5 inboards , outboards, and reverse grip lawn mowers.  Then 5 sets of negatives.  LBC’s for a chance to let the burn go away, then repeato.


Return for COT the same way we got there.  Oops, we are 5 minutes late.  my bad.


NMM: Well, it didn’t work. Motley didn’t cry.  He didn’t shed a tear. I tried to break him, and  couldn’t  he whined about the tunes, mentioned feeling light headed, but he didn’t break.     I ain’t giving up on the idea of breaking him, though I am not sure how I might get it done.

There were plenty of worn out arms after the carry back.  But, remember the purpose of F3 is to look good naked.  Between the squats and the arm workout,  your pipes and posterior will be speedo ready come summertime.


Play list is here:

88 with the takeout.  Good words, strong words.


MIP 5 year anny 3/3.  YHC will Q core before hand at core and celebrate 5 years of the greatest gift I have been given.

Thanks for helping me keep my head on straight.  I need you guys. I love you guys.


Until Next Time.


Reverend Flo-Rida.

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