Hollins threw out the “let’s set an attendance record” challenge on the Twitterspan, and a literal crapload of Pax showed up for the main event at F3’s Catholic headquarters. But before that, there was…

Extra Credit

Site Q Hollins, newest “Respect” Sump, Perennial BRR Captain Disney, and YHC gathered for the 15 minutes of extra pain.

Run up and down the Stairway to Heaven, then back to the #SwaggerJeep. Grab a cinder block or a few bricks, and run them over to the other lot. Repeato until the #SwaggerJeep is empty. 2 birds with 1 stone. Thanks, fellas.

Decline merkins off a cinder block. Mosey up the hill. Dips and step-ups on the picnic tables. Run along Providence Rd. for a bit, then back to the lot. Egypt sends the other 3 EC pax to the stairs and back, with merkins while there, as he gets his hi-fi system ready for the…

Main Event

  1. Thunderstruck. Everyone in plank position, doing a merkin each time Brian Johnson yells any variation of the word “thunder,” and doing a plank jack at each “Texas.” That’s 33 merkins and 2 plank jacks while staying in a plank position for 4 minutes and 52 seconds. Sucktastic.
  2. Brick Work. Mosey to the day school lot, partner up. P1 runs up the hill and back with a brick in each hand. P2 does 10 curls, 10 overhead presses and 10 goblet squats with the cinder block. Repeato 3x.
  3. Neighborhood visit. Mosey to Providence Road, play Frogger across. Onto Rutledge Ave. From Fielding to Chandler, do ascending burpees by 2 at each driveway on the left (2, then 4, then 6, etc). Turns out there are 14 driveways. Oops. And ouch. Backwards run down Chandler, then COP for 6MOM at the circle. LBC, Dolly, Freddy Mercury, and Michael Phelps. Meb Keflezighi lunge walk (#focusonform) up part of Chandler, then left on Montclair and run to the bottom of the hill. Return back up with 5 burpees at each of 2 lights, and 5 while heading back down. Fast mosey back to St. Gabe’s, with pit stop for the 6 at Trinity Pres, with some CCDs
  4. Finish. 1 min 45 seconds left – partial Thunderstruck, with Rock as the source of the lyrics. Hand-release merkin at each “Thunder” that YHC or someone utters. COT


  • #HIMs. Stout crew out there. Great to spend 45-60 minutes with that many old-school Metro pax, Sofa Kings, and some new gangstas too.
  • How to Make Your Jeep Wrangler Feel Like It’s Riding on Air: 1) Load up the back with 700 pounds of cinderblocks and bricks. 2) Drive around like that for an evening and early morning. 3) Unload the bricks, and drive home, feeling about 700 pounds lighter (Ice Cube reference)
  • 2nd F: T-claps to Wahoo, Nibbler (yes, Nibbler) and one other pax (sorry, I was O2 deprived) for helping me load up the blocks and bricks after the workout. And then once I rolled into the #HotBox for the return, I’ll be damned if Wahoo isn’t there waiting for me, to help me unload. That’s true 2nd F, gents. Thank you.
  • True story: YHC was on a Pack 11 Cub Scout trip with about 21 sugar-buzzed elementary school kids and their parents this weekend. As our leaders were working to get us all onto the USS North Carolina battleship without losing kids in the harbor, the pack leader looked at YHC and asked him to lead the juveniles in “some of that secret F3 stuff you do” to tire them out a bit. SSH, Seal Jacks, Mountain Climbers and some other random stuff have never come in so handy.
  • Announcements and such: Bro-lympics this weekend. See the Twitterverse for details. Thanks Grapevine for the takeout. And thanks Hollins for the chance to lead this motley crew, especially since I never black-blasted my last Q. I remember meeting Smoky at that one. And Fishwrap was there. And it was cold.



One thought on “Thunderstruck.

  • February 23, 2018 at 11:59 am

    I don’t think I’ve done “the Thunderstruck” since the Armor days #RIP

    Nice job herding cats out there….Q’ing 15-20 guys can be hard enough, much less 35.

    So the new record is set….plenty of time in 2018 for other Q’s to take a run at it, but that number will be tough to best.

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