No squealing, remember that it’s all in your head

23 started their day off right at Sparta.  At 5:30 we launched:

Out of the lot, down the hill and left on McDonald Ave.  Mosey up to Magnolia with a stretch of backwards run thrown in for good measure.  Gather at the McDonald/Magnolia intersection for instructions on the SoDil Wedge (TM Lee?):

Run Magnolia, left on Lyndhurst, right on McDonald and back down to the McDonald/Magnolia intersection, stopping at every speed hump, stop sign or other intersection for 10 merkins (10 stops).  Mary to collect the six (flutters, led by Foxx or Fish- Ice counted 75 reps).

Repeat the Wedge but in the other direction, this time doing 5 burpees at each of the 10 stops.  Mary to collect the six (whatever the fast guys did first then 20 heels to heaven IC).

Mosey back down McDonald and into tramp stamp park.  10 pullups/20 step ups/20 dips X 3 rounds.

Backwards run up Elmhurst to Poindexter. 10 merkins/10 diamonds/10 wide arms/10 stagger right/10 stagger left/50 lbc’s.

Back down Elmhurst, hop the fence (The Slice quick to keep YHC from breaking any more ribs), across the track, down the hill to McDonald Ave and to the base of the Sedgefield hill.

AYG to the school for 25 dips on the wall.  Back down.  10 jump squats then AYG to the school for 25 dips.  Back down.  10 jump squats then AYG backwards run to the school for 25 dips.  Back down.  10 jump squats then AYG to the parking lot for COT.


New 6@6 Saturday coming to Midwood soon – see Mr. Bo for details.  Missing De rallying the troops for upcoming race around Midwood, but he was very coy about details.


Circumstance kept YHC from posting Sparta the last few weeks, so was thrilled when THIS.IS.SPARTA Managing Director The Slice handed me the keys for today.  Some combination of Fish, Slice, Foxx, Ice & Dib out front pretty much from start to finish today.  Skyline was so fast on the burpee lap it almost looked like he wasn’t even doing the burpees.  Ice will use any means necessary to win a backwards run to the school. He also dined on pop tarts, beef jerky & salmon last night. Remnants can be found at the corner of Magnolia & Winthrop. Fish ran to the AO, crushed the workout then ran wherever he was headed to next –  no doubt he got in 15+ this morning.  Thanks to Double Nickels for the take out.  Great to be back among Sparta faithful.


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