The Name of the Workout has Never Been More Appropriate

Date: 2/25/18

Q: Kieffer

Pax: Van Winkle, DRM, Windchill, Brownie, LaLanne, Lebo, Hoedown, Wahoo (kind of)

My inability to get to workouts on time is well documented in the backblasts. However, last week Van Winkle caught me in a moment of weakness, and I agreed to Q Confession. I was 10 minutes early which is probably a record. We started at Owen’s Bagels which was conveniently located right next to Leather and Lace for those that wanted to just stay out all night.

We did somewhere between 3.6 – 3.8 miles which was a little further than I wanted. Turned right on South, Left on Tremont, Right on the Light Rail path and followed it all the way down to Morehead, Right on Dilworth Road, Right on East, and left on Cleveland. Fortunately, I kept it pretty simple because I left the weinke on the counter this morning.

The best part of the run was the official Confession t shirt for the day. A member of the pax who will remain unnamed took a “field trip” last night and graciously gave me shirt from the starting point today.

Always a pleasure to lead the group of Core guys. I am going to have to sign up again soon.






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