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10 Faithful showed up for this week’s edition of P2W.  Here’s what went down:

The drill:
– Obligatory SSH (30)
– Mosey out of lot, quick stop of merkins (20) waiting for personal items to be stowed away
– Recommence mosey on Morehead to McDowell, flutter (30) waiting on Six
– Mosey to courthouse parking deck, take stairs to the top (2x)
– Staggered R/L merkins (10)
– Mosey around to parking deck ramp, AYG to top
– Suicide w/ 10burpees at halfway, back down, 10burpees at top, back down, dolly (20)
– Partner wheelbarrow to top of ramp, back down, flutter (20)
– Partner wheelbarrow to top of ramp, back down, Boone LBCs (15 each side)
– Mosey to Muthaship, 1x to top, back down
– Dips (30) and derkins (15) outside Spectrum
– Quick mosey back to Dowd Y, stopping once for dolly (20)
– COT (w/ a great takeout from Black Bear – thank you)

Color commentary:
Small but stout crew this morning, pretty typical P2W without too much chatter, especially since the mouthy old guys weren’t in attendance (you know who you are), though we thought there may’ve been a couple gut-coughs from Ice9 over the 4+ mile journey, but pain has a way of silencing most things, especially trying to keep up with the likes of Lee, TML, Black Bear (totally 6:14’d that last ½ mile!), despite trying to slow’em down with the gratuitous Muthaship stop while Gandalf slept comfortably in bed, leaving his friend and FNG Prophet (Isaiah Scott, a Charlotte native son by way of Manhattan) to fend for himself, but in typical F3 spirit Thrust kept him in the game and pushed him to a strong finish.  Thank you.  It was a tough crew and a really good morning.  Thanks, Mr. Wizard, for the honors.

– Revolution workout launching at new AO Revolution Park on Saturday, 3/10, 0700-0800.  Another great opportunity to share this gift.  Right here in our own city.  #expansion

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