Hard to follow a #Legend

A week after the legendary #HIM Sump drew in a crowd of 65 for his birthday Q, a motley crew (really, what other kind of crew is there at Cherokee?) of 15+ found their way to the Mint Museum for a little work and a lot of mumblechatter.  Instead, they found quite a bit of both during…

The Thang:

– Mosey around to the front of Mint for COP of the usual fare: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, & LBCs

– Very short mosey to the corner of Museum and Hempstead for instructions, which the Pax tried quickly to ignore:

Up and over the Hempstead Hump (yes, all of it) to Lockley (not “Locksley” as Sump was quite pleased to point out to YHC) with diamonds (5 @ Museum, 10 @ top of hill, 15 @ Lockley, 20 @ the top, & 25 @ Museum) #unsavory

At this point, Buzzcock arrived, immediately improving the Pax’ collective mood and fashion sense.  He joined us for a bit of Mary while we waited on the six

– Time to go to school with a fastish mosey to the playground at Eastover Elementary for some circuit work:

5 burpees, 10 pullups, 15 merkins, 20 dips, 25 squats, take a lap.  Rinse & repeat three times

Cuda treated the Pax to a brief exhibition of the futbol skills that made him an SMU legend back in the 80s, then the conversation turned to the Miracurl on ice and the cheating OAR team member who lost his curling bronze medal for doping #seriously

– Circle up for some Mary, then mosey back to the far side of he Hump via Lock(no “s”)ley

– Hempstead Hump redux with 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 hand-release merkins

– Mosey to the front lawn at the Mint for 11s of dips and derkins on the benches, crossing the lawn each time

– Mosey back to the sun dial to find Cubby waiting on us with a mug of coffee.  While he sipped his java, the Pax did a couple minutes of Mary followed by 5 burpees oyo to close it out

– COT capped by some heartfelt words from Switchboard

Naked Man Moleskine:

– Solid bunch of brothers out there in the gloom with a nice mix of Cherokee regulars, a couple kotters, and even two site FNGs

– As usual, the mumblechatter was top-notch with topics of discussion ranging from doping in curling to Sump’s formative years in the hardscrabble streets of Eastover.  The curse of winning the lottery, the “salt of the earth folks” who call Eastover home (those poor souls whose homes lack fountains in their circular driveways), and whether or not a Cherokee without Buzzcock was even a Cherokee at all also warranted some chatter

– Eye Chart was flying out there.  Egypt, Disney, and Tantrum all showed up with strong efforts

– Nice to have several respects in the crowd: Boomer, Carrier, Deer Tick, Cuda, and the newly-minted Sump


– Run Jen Run 5K is this Saturday 3/3

– Mission I’mpossible has its 5 year anniversary on Saturday as well

– Get Outside Mountain Relay preview day will be on Saturday 3/17

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

God bless,




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