SIB: Lightposts

We do sprints and a whole bunch of people don’t show up. Subway decides that sprints week is good day to join us for his “recovery” run. Thanks for stopping by but this workout may not fit your plan. Cindy was mostly the winner (and honestly). But you know who you should not count out – Coach. He was up there on several – had to make them longer to get out in front of him. Federalist is also very fast (keep in mind this is all relative to a bunch of middle aged guys – except for Powell who is apparently much younger). Best moment was when Cindy ran up to sad clown Dredd and startled him. Never saw it coming – got a great reaction.

What we did – warm up of more than 15 minutes including various drills to loosen up and get ready for all out efforts. Then a whole bunch of sprints on Ferncliff.

Several up the hill from Colony. Several on the flat. Distance varied from “the next light” up to “3 lights away – and don’t count this one next to you.” Finish with more uphill sprints.

I had total mileage around 5 with a bunch of standing around catching your breath. It is not the longest distance workout, but AYG sprints may be the best thing possible that you can do for your health (except maybe lifting heavy stuff) – no kidding on either. Come join us next time.

On the track next week. Longer intervals.


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