Soggy Monday

Stat aka Piglet’s new stash.

5 PAX appeared for a gloomy, wet Moanday.  Here’s what they did:

Run around the parking lot

Circle up for COP



Run off to Billingsville School

Partner 1 runs around the school, partner 2 does 5 Pull ups and 10 Mercans and 15 Squats…flapjack

Rinse and Repeat for 2 rounds

Grab some bench for 10 Bulgarian Squats

Grab some wall for wall sits while we go down the line and do 5 Burpees X2

Indian Subcontinent Run back to Randolph Rd

Back in the parking lot do 1 min of Mary till time.


F3 Risk Mgt says don’t cross Randolph Rd and try to beat traffic. It’s always a good idea to wear reflective clothing. Best to move to the side of the street instead of the middle of it for exercises.

April 12th @ the Weston Hotel is a F3 breakfast for the Men’s Shelter.  Contact for more info.

Stat has a Pigskin’ish stash now and should probably be called Piglet.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead fellas.  SYITG


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