Burpee Theme


Burpee theme


I spotted Carrier running on the sidewalk while I was driving over. When I got there, in addition to some of the usual suspects (John Deere and Boerwors), we were joined by The Dude and Caddyshack; both of which were at ALS yesterday.


We didn’t have a Q assigned so I volunteered for the first half and John Deere took over after the first half. That meant I needed to come up with something fast.


We warmed up jogging around the track and including Karioke, Butt kicks and High knees.




10 Burpees (I probably owe Tesla royalties for stealing his warm-up routine. I did do it in reverse however. I feel better counting Burpees down than up.)


8 Burpees


6 Burpees


4 Burpees


10 Burpees because 2 burpees is hardly worth doing.



The stadium wall for

People’s chair: ankles, knees, walls

Balls to the wall: Hip slaps

People’s chair: air presses

Balls to the wall: Toe taps


At this point, we had a flyby with 2 of Caddy’s friends verifying that he had indeed showed up. They joined for the stadium wall and then took off running. They missed the next part. Too bad.



To the stadium. There was a ladder and so someone said ‘Jacob’s Ladder’. I thought: ‘Hey, that’s a good idea!’. So we spread out and did a Jacob’s Ladder. Run to the top of the stadium, 1 Burpe;, Run to the bottom of the stadium, turn around and go back to the top, 2 Burpees; etc. up to 7 Burpees.


We’re up to 66 Burpees now and almost exactly half way thru. Then, John Deere took over. Unfortunately, he liked the burpee theme.


So we went to the football field. Bear crawl to the 10 and do 1 Burpee; Crab walk to the 20 and do 2 Burpees, bear crawl 3 Burpees, etc. until we got to the other goal line. That’s 55 more burpees.


We returned the same way (bear crawl and crab walk) sans Burpees.


Next: Goal line: Broad jump to the 10, 5 burpees, mosey back. Repeato (10 more burpees)


So that’s 131 Burpees. Yeah, I know, I’m sure there are plenty of workouts where more Burpees are done. Still.


Next: partner up, Partner 1 runs to the 50 while Partner 2 does merkins: Repeato except to the 40.


Back to the parking lot for 3 minutes of Maria.


Announcements: HDHH at HT in Myers Park. Rev’s 5-year anniversary Q at Core. 5-year anniversary of Mission I’m Possible Saturday (Guest Qs, food and drink afterwards)




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