Ferncliff 400

14 PAX entered the gloom to this morning expecting a solid beat down.  Here’s what went down.

  • Quick disclaimer
  • COP — SSHx20 and IWx20
  • Mosey down Camilla and continue to Ferncliff.  Mary while waiting on the six.
  • Main event: 4 times around the Ferncliff loop — Ferncliff R on Pepperdine R on Innsbrook R on Camilla (.6 miles); stopping at the intersection of Ferncliff and Camilla each lap for 4 exercise — Merkins, Squats, Air Press, LBC x 25 reps each.
  • Mary while waiting for the six
  • Mosey back to the benches in front of Carmel Middle School; dips x 25
  • Mosey back to COC for wall sits and air press x 20
  • Mosey back to Carmel Road Park for COP


Strong work by the PAX this morning.  Mumble chatter was strong at the beginning of the workout but non existent by the end.  Cannoli left early to catch a flight.  Rumor has it he book the trip during the first lap of the Ferncliff 400.  Travel safe brother.  Film Festival is officially fully recovered and mocked the Q with classic English mumble chatter throughout the morning.  Tantrum, Eye Chart, Silent Bob and Hamlet lead wire to wire.  Nice work gentleman.  Governator FNG Bo Knows joined us from Alpharetta GA this morning.  Nice to have you brother.  Come again.

Always great to lead the Gspot crowd.  Thanks to Aquafresh for lending me the keys.  Aye.

One Eye

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