I got an electronic mail message from Hitman last night? “You got the Q? Will there be lots of running?” “Yeah, enough. Or they’ll ban me. It IS RAnGEr” “Well, will you drop me and Nibs?” “Uh, well. When’s the last time you guys ran anywhere? But I guess I won’t drop you”

That was weird. And neither one showed up. Hit later claimed he was reeling from the Tarhole meltdown last night and neglected to turn on his alarm  Weird


Run through the park, out 7th St, to the Starbucks parking lot. COP

Run up Pecan to Diamond Reataurant in the heart of Plaza Midweird. COP including Diamonds.

Partner work. Run around block in opposite directions. 5 burpees every corner. 10 partner derkins each at each meeting. Three loops.


Run to the Meineike hill.

Down the hill. Backwards up. 10 Sumo JSs at top. X 3.

To the bottom to paved hill. Partner carrys up. Switch.

Run back to Starbucks. COO

To the playground. 5 pull-ups, 10 jump-ups, 20 dips. X 3



So why is this picture here? It was in the window of one of those Midweird Botiques on Central. At every loop around the block I caught Cindy lovingly gazing at the “sick Hornets warm-up”.  I was quite surprised to see it in the window on my way home. I suspect he’ll get it tomorrow. I mean, dude was LOVINGLY GAZING. Or just maybe he was getting out if burpees.


Thanks Mighty Wind for the idea of venturing East.  After almost 6 years and who knows how many Qs at Ranger, I often have writers block. It was pointed out to me that we ran 1 mile to arrive at a perfectly flat place to run around. Yeah, but that’s not the point. Plus we found a hill later. And, of course, the same voice pointed out that the hill sucks. Because it was grass. No pleasing Swamp.

I was traveling all day and now sit in the waiting room if Ortho CAROLINAS Urgent Care with a teenage who dislocated her knee at lax practice today. Writing this on my iPhone. So this is all you get. Say a little prayer for her.



Mission I’m Possible 5-year anniversary and celebration is this Saturday at 9 AM at the Charlotte Rescue Mission. I am your Q along with Rev. Be there.


Until next time. 

your friend,


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