New Alarm Clocks Needed for Atlas PAX

27 PAX gathered for a mid-week climb across the Chiswick Hump.  What we did:


(1) Warm Up COP with several sets of SSH and Mtn Climbers.  (2) Run to Chiswick.   (3) Back and forth across the hump 3x, with hand release merkins at the bottom, jump squats in the middle and heels to heaven on the back side.   (4) Partner up: Partner #1 – hand release merkins, jump squats and heels to heaven, Partner #2, run across the hump, with Carolina Dry Doc(k)s and Russian twists along the way. Repeato 3x.   (5) Run back to Cotswold school.  (6) 100 Partner Dips.   (7) Partner derkins and donkey kicks.   (8) COP for flutters, bicycle and other core exercises.   COT.


The Atlas PAX undoubtedly are the latest arriving crew in all of Metro.   At 0530, we had ~15 PAX loitering around the launch point.  YHC eyed a few PAX slowly exiting cars, so we did a sweep to gather them.  During that sweep, 5 more cars zipped into the lot and several additional PAX tumbled out.   Several minutes into COP, stragglers were still joining the ranks. If this workout wasn’t known for friendly #hugs, Q would have started with AYG sprints in the opposite direction to witness the chaos.

Very much enjoyed COT today, as we had the chance to name two FNGs.   First guy up, Riccardo (with the rolling r) from Italy.   Double Nickel insisted that we name him Uncle Rico, but I just wasn’t feeling it.   Reminded me of the days when Nibbler would so aggressively promote  Porno as the name (aside, did anyone ever get the name Porno? I think yes).  The more DN insisted, the more I resisted.  Anyway, we settled on Pompeii for Riccardo.  Next guy up, a friend of Tilda’s from Knoxville.  Blackjack rambled on with names of Knoxville restaurants and other fine establishments that no one knew, so naturally, 2nd guy walked away with Uncle Rico… and that is how we do it in F3.

Thanks to Tilda for the takeout, and thanks to Blue and Kaiser for giving me the keys. They felt good in my hand, so good that I think I might keep them soon.


Run Jen Run 5k this Saturday at South Park Mall. Cubby is leading the charge.   0700 convergence beforehand and free beer afterwards.

5 year anniversary of MIP this Saturday.   Join Deertick at 0900 for the big celebration.


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