They Let You Q It

24 men gathered in the crisp Trinity Pres gloom for another edition of Black Widow, here’s what happened:

Stay in place for COP while we wait on Double Knot (maybe some others?): Low Slow Squats x15 IC, Parker Peter x 10 IC, Merkins IC until everyone but me stopped doing Merkins (~27, Kirk started loudly objecting at about 15, unheeded)

Mosey to Eddie’s Rails, plank on the six, then Derkins x 15 IC

Mosey to top of Phoenix, plank on 6, partner up (three-way) with pax you don’t know/never partner with, for…..

One man runs to bottom of Phoenix and back, partners alternate Elbow Plank/ 5 Chest to Ground Jump-Over Megaburpees while waiting on runner

Rotate thru until everyone has run twice, plank on 6

Mosey to St. Gabe’s Driveway, LBCs on the 6

Run to top of hill, 5 Diamonds, 10 Monkey Humpers, 15 WWII situps; run to fence – Repeat same exercises 10-20-30 reps, back to top of hill, repeat same exercises 5-10-15 reps

Plank on 6, then 10 Mike Tysons IC on the curb

Mosey to the Hot Box, grab a large coupon, line up in one long row

14s of Thrusters & Pullups  (12-2, 10-4, etc), Flutter & LBCs on the 6

Partner up with one new partner in the Providence Plaza Alley

Partner Carry to first Speed Bump, 20 Dumbocrats

Wheelbarrow to Second Speed Bump, 20 Dumbocrats (Over-time, audible, mosey home for COT)


Speed for Need at RunJenRun 5k, Symphony Park, Saturday 8 a.m. Special Cherokee workout at Symphony Park at 7 a.m. (double-down opportunity). Race info here.

You can also triple-down by attending MIP 5 year anniversary at the Rescue Mission, 9 a.m. Saturday. However (important caveat), if you drink the free beer after the race, you can’t go to MIP.

Uncle Phil VQ, at DMZ, Monday March 5.

Thank you Newport for a fine takeout


  • Great crowd this morning, thanks to Big Worm, Grizz and all the regulars for the warm welcome, hopefully the workout passed muster and  I won’t be blocked from the BW sign-up genius
  • I read Panda’s recent backblast so I knew to avoid jump squats
  • Panda didn’t show
  • “Chest to ground jump-over Megaburpees” really just a way to jam another 100 merkins into the first third of the workout without a mutiny
  • I saw Kirk wandering around far away from the group during the St. Gabe’s section – couldn’t figure out why – later occurred to me it was probably a “courtesy” spacing (i.e., emissions issue)
  • The Monkey Humpers were in the plan, then Film showed up! Happy coincidence
  • I just carried Sloppy the whole way, he’s light
  • I didn’t hear anyone complaining that the new sandbags (actually filled with gravel!) didn’t get used. They look terrible BTW
  • Thruster form is interpretative by its nature


One thought on “They Let You Q It

  • February 28, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    Great Q Aqua – bringing the Mike Tyson’s out from the grave . . . Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

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