By only a few inches…..

9 fine men found themselves in The Valley to split the difference between F3South Charlotte and F3Metro.  Which area are we considered you ask?  Well, we still aren’t sure but technically we are south of Tyvola located at Hungtingtown Farms Elementary School on Thursdays at 5:30.  This workout is going on 2 years and yes it’s an established workout.  We aren’t great about twitter, backblasts, and we aren’t the workout for you self proclaimed #batflippers.  Here is what we are.

  •  Core group of neighborhood men site Q’s investing in our local Title 1 school and give it the recogonition and awareness it deserves.
  • This workout is entirely FNG friendly and we never leave anyone behind.
  • This AO could serve many pax in the neighborhoods West of Park road and even South Boulevard.  We have some aspiring Spanish speakers in the mix!
  • My favorite part:  Fellowship every time with Coffeeteria afterwards

Here is what we did:

30 SSH’s

20 Mountain Climbers

30 SSH’s

20 Mountain Climbers

Mosey to Valley

Partner up

3 rounds:  partner 1 run hill, partner 2 does a series of exercises

Plank, sprint to top

Mosey to school

People’s chair mixed in with iverted push-ups, jack-Le-lanes

30 dips

20 step-ups

Naked Moleskin:  YHC made reference to being a few inches shy of keeping up with Sloppy early on in the initial launch of the Valley but he has since gotten stronger and I have since gotten slower.  #accerlation.  Quickly the rub became how many inches and where?  Size doesn’t count men, we know it’s the grace and size of your heart that does. #impact


3/24:  Huntingtown Farms Elementary School Beatification day (see Becky for details)

Thanks to Sloppy for the takeout.  Blessed to have these group of men in my life.

Peace on your week,





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