Kevorkians in the rain

I don’t know who made up the Kevorkian exercise, but I like it.  Starfish brought it out at Core Meltdown when he was here a year or so back.  It sounds diabolical.  But actually it is pretty simple and effective.  Partner-assisted Suicides.  One partner does a suicide while the other is exercising.  The Suicide B.L.I.M.P.S. is actually a form of Kevorkian.  I will call them Kevorkian B.L.I.M.P.S next time.

Enough of lexicon mumble chatter……

10 posted at Core Meltdown for a light beatdown.  Here’s what we did:

Warmup:  SSH, IW, MC, L/R Hammy/Hip Stretch with the extra special My Sharona arm-high stretch.

Kevorkians – Partner Assisted Suicides

Partner up:  Partner 1 does a suicide across the parking lot (stop at each cone and the end), while partner 2 is working on 100 team counts of the following:  Swings, tricep extension, russian twist, hammer curl, rack lunge, goblet squat, bellknives, lawnmowers, and probably a couple more I don’t recall.

People’s Chair for the six

Pass the bells – line up in People’s Chair, pass all bells down the line 4 times, 2 middle, one high, one low.  Crowd Pleaser.

Step Ups and Burpees – run to the gazebo, do 10 full picnic table step ups (all the way up and back down), back to the stadium for 5 burpees, 3 rounds

That is all.


Teal Diva Tshirts  – get your orders in

Saturday Rev Flo 5 year F3 anniversary at Core, also MIP 5 year anniversary Sat.

Coffeeteria at MIP coming soon.  Community Cafe

Revolution launches March 10 7 a.m.

Rev has confession Sunday a.m. – he lied in COT that he had a plan, but has not yet confessed….

Rev with the takeout

Thanks Rev and RaD for the reins.  Today is my 5 year anniversary of F3.  My first post was at Combine and I did my best to meet that standard from  a program perspective, even if the execution speed was a notch or two lower…..  I really appreciate the opportunity to mix regularly with the men of F3 – so motivating, inspiring, and uplifting – thanks to all of you for that.

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