5 Year Anniversary…and a late bb to boot.

Don’t forget tomorrow, 9am all 3 F’s available at MIP.  Gather as we workout, then celebrate what MIP means to the Charlotte Rescue Mission and MORE IMPORTANTLY what the Charlotte Rescue Mission means to our community.  Stay afterwards for some more faith and fellowship.  We’ll have not one but two Q’s, which could mean a choose your own adventure.  Old G’s will be with the new, returning champs with YHC (a slight chump currently).  So, get your double-down, bring your 2.0 and let’s kick this thing off right.


Now for a week ago (2/24/18)

24 on the 24th wanted to show Marv some love on the day after his 35th birthday.  Here’s the skinny… well fatty.
1st 10: Standard warm up while we wait for all those who want to attend to show up.
SSH (35),  3 down 1 up Copper Head Squats, Negative Merkins (3 down 1 up), LBC’s, Peter Parkers, Mosey to the Practice Field:
Freddie Mercury (20) at the two rent-a-bikes
More Negative Merkins for the 6…Mosey to the Keep Pounding Wall
People’s Chair, L-Bridge, 10 more Freddie Mercuries next to the next bike.

Mosey to the rail:
Inboard, Outboard Supine Pull-ups, Decline Merkins, 1 arm negative Pulups (thanks Rev)
Mosey to the parking deck
Stop to collect 6 (Freddie Mercury next to 3 rent-a-bikes) all here: Plank, then Negative Merkins (5).

Up to the top:
More Negative Merkins, Paddy-cake merkins, Mosey down the ramp.  Inappropriate Bridge, Bridge-Toe touches, backwards run to the speaker, then mosey to collect the 6 if you ran the entire ramp.

More negative Merkins, Peter Parkers.

Mosey back to rails…repeat 1st step, Mosey back to Wall, People’s Chair 3x, Can-Can, Balls-Wall or L-Bridge… Mosey back to bikes, Freddie Mercury, Negative Merkins… Mosey to 1st street (and another bike) Freddie Mercury, Negative Merkins, plank…AYG to COT (If you beat Marv you can name the exercise…nobody beat Marv)

Great group this am.  24 guys= maybe a problem but Deertick, Coach and Carrier were excellent Sweepers.  Zookeeper and OSH did there own EC before YHC ran in for a quick mile warm up.
The workout had a theme, 3/5 for 35th birthday, and as Deertick mention, Marv you sure are chipper through those negatives.  It’s how YHC has been trying (some days well, some days not so well) push through his battles.  Always something positive to find in your negative.  Also, based on the rent-a-bike situation figured we’d put those to good use, even if not riding them.  Some people find them as street litter, others loved them.  Not so sure how the MIP pax felt after stopping at each one we found to complete a set of exercise.

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