I got the keys


I got the keys


Today, I got the keys to the Attila workout for the first time! I won’t say Attila’s shiny and new as it has been around awhile, but it has not been damaged by previous owners. It’s in good shape. My goal was to leave it that way.


Prior to the start, Tesla observed that it really wasn’t cold enough for a REAL MAN to wear gloves. That didn’t stop me from wearing gloves. But I will note, there is no string of pearls on my gloves.


We started when Keifer got there, which is on-time for most of us and 2 minutes early for Keifer.  We did the merkin variety warmup as follows:



8 Man-maker Merkins


8 Diamond Merkins


8 Stagger arm Merkins

Copperhead squats

8 Stagger arm Merkins

Side squats

8 Merkin Merkins (AKA Re-gu-lar garden-variety Merkins)


Then Crossed the street. This is without a doubt, the most dangerous part of the session. We were observant. Torpedo provided good advice on the importance of caution when crossing streets.


Instead of going to the Green, we went directly to the greenway and stopped at the fountain for a breath of Chlorine. Apparently, someone wants to make sure nothing grows in the fountain.






On to Target. One thing I like about the Greenway is you can cross the street with worrying about getting hit by a car. At the base of the stairs, we did a little Mary so everyone could catch their breath for what follows. What followed was a Jacob’s ladder up the stairs: to the top, 1 burpee, back to the bottom and turn around and go back to the top, 2 burpees, etc. until 7 burpees. Finish at the bottom. I can’t keep up with Grapevine (must be super-powers in the cotton shirt). There were two others I couldn’t keep up with (Brownie? Steriod?). Anyway, at the bottom we did a little planking, Lo Country Boil and then pulled the plug. Next, we jogged over to the railings which meant traveling up the stairwell in the parking deck.



12 single count outboards

12 inclines in cadence

10 single count outboards

10 inclines in cadence

Etc. down to 2.


Someone commented that we needed to do something aerobic as Rev was now able to mumble chatter. That’s the problem with the Money rule (no running in Core). You have to listen to Rev.


So we headed back the way we came with a stop at the fountain for another whiff of chlorine and:






Then, off to the parking deck for ‘Trader Joe’s’ but we stopped outside as we have been warned in the past about intruding. So we found a wall for:


People’s chair ankles, knees and walls

10 Balls to the wall hip slaps in cadence

People’s chair air presses

At least 10 Balls to the wall toe taps (forgot how many)


We had a little more time than I anticipated so we went to the green and lined up on one side.


Run to the first lamppost, belly touch (disguised Burpee), to the middle, belly touch, next lamp post, belly touch, other side belly touch and mosey back.


Repeat excepts backwards run back.


Now, it’s time to get back to the parking lot. I mashed the pedestrian crossing button and it responded quickly. Primary goal of day accomplished: no one was hit by a car. OK. That’s a low bar but it is DAMN IMPORTANT!!!!


Finished up with Maria and stretching and Name-a-Rama. Question: Is the nickname 47 and he’s 88 years old? or is the nickname 88 and he’s 47?



Rev’s 5-year anniversary at Core tomorrow. There will be no visitation by the lunch lady as Foo killed her some time ago.


5-year anniversary of MIP at 9:00 at the Charlotte Rescue Mission.


HDHH: is now at HT in Myers Park


Confession: Sunday: Ben and Jerry’s on Fairview


Teal Diva shirts; must be ordered in the next 2 weeks: Teal Diva is April 28. We will be pushing chariots.


Revolution: March 10


Take out by Little W who thanked God for the life of Billy Graham.




Retired from Duke Energy after 40 years as an accountant.

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