MIP 5 Year Anniversary Back Blast

I absolutely cannot believe that we have been faithfully serving the workout at the Charlotte Rescue Mission for 5 solid years!  Congratulations to the hoards of men who have made that possible. Thanks to Tony Marciano and his staff. Not just for their support, but more specifically for their lack of faith (stay with me here). When Do Re Mi and I first worked together to launch this thing, we approached the CRM staff and pitched out idea. We wanted to workout every week, and go off campus, and, and and… They said whoa. Slow down. Why don’t you start off every other week, and stay on campus where we can see you! We said, “But we’re F3, you can trust us!” “Fwho?” They have had so many groups over the years come in to do different things. CRM dedicates resources to helping those initiatives only to have them usually fall apart shortly thereafter. So who are we? What makes us so special? Well, we soon showed them and got a weekly carte blanche to take the men off campus. We were also able to take them to Hornet’s games, MudRuns, and other workouts.

Thanks also To Carrier who, being on the BOD, has been our faithful liaison since day 1. Thanks to Marv and Deer Tick serving as wonderful Site Qs. Thanks to Chicken Coop who is our new man on the inside.

And of course thanks to everyone who has regularly, sporadically, or even only been there once. Thanks also to the residents who come out week in and week out. In the cold, rain, and snow to exercise, fellowship, and pray with us. And finally, thanks to the F3 Foundation who have provided support, largely in the way of workout apparel for the guests, but also in other ways for 5 years.

If you’ve been you know that this is something special. If you haven’t been, we’re not planning to stop anytime soon.

Alright, enough for my Oscars acceptance speech.

The Thing

COP at the door. SSH, mountain climber.

Mosey down to Frazier Park with a bear-crawl at the bridge (Vulture killed it).

COP. Windmills (an important stretching exercise), squats, merkin, Carolina Dry Docks, etc.

Get in groups of 3 (easier said than down). Shuttle run. Exercises going on either side of the field with one man running between. SSH, merkins, burpees.

Plank exercises.

Same thing again except with a karaoke run.

Mary. Includes such hits at the LBC, the Michael Phelps, J-Lo, and everyone’s all-time favorite standby ….the flutter kick.

Bolivian Mind Bender. My all time favorite exercise.

Mosey to the benches. Dips. Dips. Dips.

Partner up with your bench-mate. One runs the steps loop. The other did derkins, step-ups, and more dips. x3.

Mosey to the rock pile. Bear-crawling (FYI this thing tried to autocorrect this word to ‘Childbearing’. I’m sure it is largely the same) the bridge again.

Rock exercises. Curlxz for the gurlz, skull crusher, chest press, and high pulls.

Mosey up the hill.



Wonderful crowd today. We had 14 CRM residents, three 2.0s, and a ton of Pax. The residents were super pumped-up up to take part in the anniversary celebration. The weather was perfect, the field was dry, and Rev. was far enough away from me that I didn’t hear his mouth much. I’m totally kidding about Rev, I heard his mouth from all the way across the soccer field!

Thanks to those who organized the refreshments after COT. I know Chicken Coop was one of them. We had coffee, water, danishes, and fellowship. What more could a guy want.

Welcome to our three FNGs! We had City Lights and Lost Boys from CRM and a 2.0 who I named ‘My Man’ since he was rooting for Duke that night (and what a fine choice that turned out to be).

Thanks to Carrier, Marv, and Deer Tick who bestowed upon me the honor of this Q. Highlight of my week to be sure.

Thanks to Marv who closed us out in prayer. Reminding us of the power of the group, that we are all deserving of God’s love, and that broken lives are mendable.

Chicken Coop gave a tour of the space that will soon be transformed into a restaurant and coffee shop. Open to the general public and staffed by residents of Charlotte Rescue Mission and Dove’s Nest (their female facility) this place will teach life skills along with providing restaurant-specific training for the job market. Please consider making a donation to CRM to find this initiative and help them transform lives.

Until next time. 

Your friend,


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  • March 5, 2018 at 1:57 pm

    Speaking of Oscar’s, if I could, there would be a Sea-Doo in your future. Concise and detail oriented bb, just like your Q.

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