SouthPark Mornings: The Ballad of CindyBobby

In case you haven’t been paying attention, after sending all the fat(loader) over to Cotswold Middle on Tuesday mornings, Nash has turned SIB into a complete beast.  Past MudRun Champs Knack and FaSo found out the hard way today.  Nothing under 7 miles every Tuesday.  And usually 7 miles of shit.  Today was no exception…

Speed In a BAG:

PR Mile for Coach/Warmup Mile for the rest up Barclay Downs to the front of the Coke building.

Hot lap up Morrison, Left on Roxborough, Left on Rexford, Left on Coke Drive to start.  .77

5x up Morrison to the light and back down.

1 Barclay Downs suicide up and 1 Barclay Downs suicide down.

Hot lap around Carnegie Blvd taking in the SwampTowers buildings.

4x up Morrison to the light and back down.

Mosey over to Rexford and hot mile back to AG.  7.5 miles  Bitch

Quick Things of Note:

Coach has been to SIB 5x this year.  He’s still the designated #OBTconesweeper but he’s slowly turning into a BadAss like Julius Hodge.

RockyTop wore a GoreTex Hurricane jacket that he only really needed to build a #birdsnest in the shitter.

Why does PussyScratcher(Some people call him Belly Itcher) wear a skater O’Neil trucker hat when he runs?  Don’t tell him it looks stupid.  He needs to figure that out on his own.

Since I bought the house used for Talladega Nights up at the lake, I thought it was necessary to give a full blown #babyjesus prayer in COT.  Nailed it.


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