S6 PB: Playing the Penny Slots

Something for everyone this week.  Regular route with an optional tempo workout for the Overachievers.  Underachievers like me can can cut short and go slow.  Or tell me to pound sand and do whatever you want.

Overachievers:  15 pennies, a classic.  1mi warm/cool with [1min hard, 1min easy] x 15 in between.  Hard efforts should be 5K pace or faster.  If you are doing 6min/mile on hard and 8min/mi on easy you’ll get 4.2mi during the interval.  If you are going faster shorten the cool down to make sure the legs are good and warm before putting in hard effort.

Underachievers:  I’m tapering for Corp Cup 5K so planning to go short and slow.  If anyone needs to get their MAF steps for the day they can join for a 5:30 launch for 4mi at 8:45/9min.  Regular route but cutting across on Kings rather than going into town.

Public accountability:  My goal Sat is sub 20.  Stretch is 19:40.  I owe you a beer if its over 21.  Quality of said beer depends how many people read this PB and choose to redeem.

Pound sand launch slots…

5:15AM, 8:45 – 9:30 pace

5:20AM, 8 – 8:45 pace

5:25AM, 7:15 – 8 pace

5:30AM, 7:15 or faster



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