S6: Gambling is Good for You

The Thang:  Playing the Penny Slots

Optional tempo was 15 pennies.  1mi warm/cool with [1min hard, 1min easy] x 15 in between.  Hard efforts at 5K or faster.  Saw a few empty Scrooge McDuck money sacks strewn about town so assuming some gambled.  Casinos can get you ahead in life.  Penny slot workouts for the heart and blackjack for the soul.  Back in 1973 FedEx was down to its last $5k and about to go bankrupt.  The founder flies to Vegas, balls up to the blackjack table, and walks away with $27k.  Enough to save his company.  True story.



Honey and Rosie looked ready for the post Iditarod rave this weekend.  The young ladies will have plenty of time to sneak out now that The Show has Ballantyne carmageddon in his weekday planner.

Bushwood was sleepy.  He probably stayed up all night trying to decide where he wants his investment portfolio to be on the efficient frontier.   Diversify yo bonds.

Subway and Swamp were playing patty cake during COT.  Or maybe it was a thumb war.  Couldn’t tell with all the hugging.

Not even fluid filled lungs can keep Today down very long.  Welcome back from IR, strong effort this morning.


Announcements:   West CLT Expansion.  Launches this Sat (Mar 10th) at 7am at Revolution Park.  Be there.

MMOB on the takeout.

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