Work of Art

Couple of things on my mind…

If 21 Pilots had to battle 21 Savages, who would prevail?

Whenever the news media discusses Stormy Daniels why don’t they ever mention her work in the critically acclaimed movie “The 40-Year-Old Virgin?”

Did Panda know the temperature would be below 30 degrees this morning when he asked YHC to trade Q dates?

The Thang

Warm-up lap
Circle up in the newly refurbished parking lot

SSH x 20/ Merkins x 15/ Copperhead© Squats x 15/ Mtn Climbers x 15

Head out parking lot, cross Sharon Amity & continue to Phoenix (the street not the Pax)

Run Ferncliff from Phoenix to Knollwood while doing the following:
• 15 Merkins at each Stop sign (3 total)
• 20 Knee-ups at each speed hump (2 total)
• Keep quiet so you don’t wake Nash’s neighbors

Mosey to Wintergreen for 7’s (H R Merkins at top/ Jump Squats at bottom)

Suicides up Knollwood/ Ferncliff towards Providence Rd
• Run to first pair of telephone poles: 5 Burpees – run back to Wintergreen
• Run to second pair of telephone poles: 15 Plank Jacks – back to Wintergreen
• Run to Woodbrook Lane: 20 LBC’s – on to PUMC parking lot

Avoid clipboarders and mosey to lower parking lot
Up & Down all 3 lanes: Karaoke R/ L, Pivot Squats, Backwards Run, High Knees, Butt Kickers

Start journey back to St. Gabes – steer wide of clipboarders, cross Sharon Amity

Stop at St. Gabe’s retaining wall on corner of Providence & Sharon Amity
People’s Chair
Rd 1: regular PC
Rd 2: R leg out/ L leg out
Rd 3: Air Presses x 20 (I/C)

Slow mosey through the many St. Gabe’s parking lots to run out the clock

F3 Westside launches this Saturday (3/10/18) @ 7AM from Revolution Park.

F3 Phoenix also launches this Saturday with Core Legends Do Re Mi, My Sharona & Eminem headed West to spread the Gospel of F3. Is it just me or does anyone else see the risk in sending Double Respects to Arizona? They may not return…

True to his name, Tardy was indeed tardy. So was Pitino. Fortunately, Pitino was not true to his name so no inappropriate hanky panky occurred. (Side note: the term ‘hanky panky’ has nothing to do with 2-time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks)

After hearing rumors, finally had the chance to confirm with Tardy that he is a fellow Georgia Bulldog. We were sharing this bonding moment and then the freakin’ Hate calls me “sir!” No respect for the Respect.

Will give Tardy his props for running out front with fellow Hate Chalet. Not sure but believe the two added an extra trip up Wintergreen during the 7’s.

For the record, Chalet did not refer to YHC as “sir.” #goldstar

In a stunning move, almost unprecedented, Love Bug didn’t bolt immediately at 6:15 and stayed for all of COT. Seriously, threw YHC for a loop when checking for LIFO’s.

Last night, out-of-the-blue in Twitterverse, long-time Bastion Kotter Agony announces he’s finally returning today and bringing Bastion FNG Grape Juice with him. Surprised to learn Grape Juice was posting because it is widely believed his F3 Contract stipulates he can only post at Gamucci.

Great seeing Agony and his camo pants at a boot camp. Expect he’ll be back soon enough to following Foul Ball’s best-selling running program: run 10 miles on even-number days and 20 miles on odd-numbers.

Newport gave a shout-out for F3 Wind which sounded a lot like a bachelor party weekend. Madras was surprised to learn he was HC’d for going. Only thing missing is Grizzly and his GoPro to record the weekend.

Between Tolkien and Grizzly & their home-made videos, F3 Metro could host its own little Film Festival. Maybe it’s an idea to discuss with Nibbler – who, by the way, didn’t post today. For that matter, neither did Film Festival.

Felt bad for Nash who ran over to St. Gabe’s only to turn around and spend the majority of the workout in his backyard.

True confession: Nash’s presence put some pressure on YHC during COP. When it comes to exercises, Nash is an artist with perfect form and his COP’s are masterpieces. Don’t know how well YHC delivered today but definitely tried to raise my game while leading COP.

Appreciate my Sofa King Elite Brother Gangsta Mouse for posting today. His name is one of my favorite F3 names. Know he has to be pumped for his #3 ranked Musketeers heading into March Madness.

Very honored to have Rock in the house today. He’s limited to how much he can post nowadays so it’s a big deal when he shows up for your Q.

We just learned our 2.2’s are lacrosse teammates this Spring. It’s the unofficial public school team, unlike the official Charlotte Latin team which includes Toga, D’oh, Aquafresh & Magellan’s sons.

True story: Rock’s son Ben has never played lacrosse before this season. Teams’ first game was this past Saturday and Ben is a sub.

It’s a hard-fought game – neither team can get anything going. There’s no score when our coach puts in the first wave of subs. Ben is playing his natural position of Attacker. Sure enough, within minutes, Ben takes over the game.

Ben is checking guys twice his size while breaking ankles of defenders. Then, literally, like something out of the Natural, he intercepts as pass, weaves in and out of at least 6 defenders (other team clearly had too many players on the field but it didn’t matter), breaks away for a one-on-one with the goal keeper. Ben cuts to his right then whips his stick behind his back and sends the ball just beyond the keeper’s reach into the far corner of the net for the first goal of the game. It was a work of art – similar to a Nash COP.

Didn’t see or hear much of Hamlet today but may be because he was up front and YHC wasn’t.

T-claps to Brady Bunch for pushing hard all morning. Think he tried to tell me something during the suicides on Knollwood but YHC was too busy breathing heavy to hear anything.

Swap has the Q tomorrow at Fortress. Last time he lead Fortress, he ran us pretty hard. Hope today may have slowed him down for tomorrow.

So for today’s workout, Garmin shows YHC ran 3.6 miles but Strava only shows 3.5 miles. What’s up with that?

Thanks to Hollins for taking us out this morning. Even he did a double-take during BOM when he realized Love Boat was still here.

More importantly, much gratitude to Hollins for the strong job he does with Bastion and allowing me to be a part of it.



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