You Played Basketball Where????In a Peruvian Prison….Is this a line from Airplane?No A Life Changing Experience

10 Pax total, emerged to gather and prepare themselves both mentally and physically to tackle the start of the new week.

Quick Warm-Up in AG Lot

25 SSH


Halos and 2 handed swings

Mosey to Selwyn Elementary Entrance Road

6r/6L Snatch.

6R/6L Snatch, 7R/7L Cleans Run to the 1st light

6R/6L Snatch, 7R/7L Cleans, 8R/8L PushPress  Run to 1st First Light

6R/6L Snatch, 7R/7LCleans, 8R/8L PushPress 10R/10L 1 Handed Swings Lunge walk to first light run2 second light

Next Stack

5Goblet Squats

G-Squats, 10 Goblet Overhead Presses run 2 the light

5GobSquats, 10 Goblet Presses, 15 2handed High Pulls Lunge Walk to light

5GobSquats, 10 GOPs, 15 2H High Pulls, 20 2Handed Swings lunge walk run to 2nd light

Mary back to bells

Last Stack

5R/L Reverse Grip Lawn Mowers

5R/5L R.G.L.M, 7R/7L Press

5R/L RGLM, 7R/L Press, 9R/L 1H- High Pulls

5R/5L RGLM, 7R/7L Press, 9RL 1H HighPulls, 22 2Handed Swings

Head Back to AG LOT



F3 Revolution Saturday morning 7am Revolution Park

Go Outside Mountain Relay Demo this weekend DM Silent Bob for Details

Billingsville moves to Wednesdays This Spring from Tuesdays


Naked Man Moleskine

Monday Morning at DH…Good Time..I took over this Q when I became so pumped up that we have lined up our 2 new SiteQs. Keep it under wraps for now as we hammer out the details, but after talking and planning with the 2 successors I became so pumped knowing that DH is in very capable hands.

Warm Welcome Back to our man & Mint Hill Brother Big League Chew. Guy bought it today. Wore his Rocky Balboa training outfit with toboggan and all. Look like he was straight out of the cellblock. Guy is even more stout and cut. #respect&bringingit

Hitman is the man. 1)cracks me up with his perfectly timed one liners 2) Calls them like he sees it #prophetic He called it…Some pissed off Elementary school teacher is going to be pissed we are hogging up the road with our bells, sure enough not to long after he said it there she was shaking her head at a bunch of Clydesdales running to move their bells out of the road for her car to pass.

Marv wearing some solid orange this morning. #HIM….Shaping and molding the young Bulldogs. One of my all time teachers Mr.Mauldin came from the Middle school ranks. Keep It Marv

Highlight today, was the mumble chatter between Hitman and SirTophamHat. Go down in the Annals of DH chatter #is there such a thing….The chatter dwells on typical Hitman UNC lore and SirTopham takes us on a stroll down Auburn’s long storied basketball history #Barkley, Person&Coach Ellis to this year’s War Eagle team under Pearl. Auburn Basketball evolved into Chimbote, Peru. How they found themselves visiting a local prison, then miraculously, the missionaries played the inmates in a friendly basketball game…..Before adding another stack of Kettlebell suck, Q called for an unplanned lunge walk to continue to story unimpeded. The Pax had to know was anyone shanked, were the Peruvians good? Did the prison have ringers? Did Rev pick up the bar of soap in the shower?  Quite Frankly, Mesmerizing  Why Basketball? not soccer? at a South American prison happen?…For God’s Sake Man…Haven’t you seen the 1978 classic, Midnight Express? I know that is Turkey, but cannot be much difference.

I mentioned this story to a work colleague Rafael. He is a naturalized US Citizen from Peru. He is very familiar Chimbote and had discussed the notorious reputation of the prison before I mentioned the fact the missionaries went to play basketball there. 1) His face crumpled in pure horror. Rafael was genuinely concerned with the general welfare of the missionaries who played of their own free will there 2) Horrified in general about the conditions men face in Peru, let alone prison. He reminded me that the environment there in Peru, is nothing like the freedom we have here in USA 3) Whether the men at Chimbote’s prison are innocent or guilty once they are there in the South American Prison, there is no hope and they are forgotten men. Rafael hopes the F3 missionaries of Chimbote did bring some semblance of hope to those forgotten men.

Thanks for sharing SirTopham and Chiming in Rev.


Keep Pushing The Envelope, Watch It Bend!





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