A New Chapter

The road we are all working to build 43 feet ahead of us is about to get a new on-ramp.  Revolution was born in the minds of a handful of Pax who recognized that for all of the wonderful things F3 has brought to so many among — and outside — our number, it has still been largely unknown and inaccessible to our brothers in the QC living outside the cloistered neighborhoods of Myers Park, Dilworth, Cotswold, Southpark, Ballantyne . . . you get the idea.  Revolution is an important step in a concerted and ongoing effort to bring more geographic, socio-economic, and racial diversity into F3 right here in the hallowed city of its founding.  Please join us for a Pipeline-led, FNG-friendly beatdown at Revolution Park (2425 Barringer Dr.) this Saturday, March 10th at 7am, as we open a door that we hope will be a new source of energy and enrichment for the recipients and bearers of the shovel flag.


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