CSPAN visits Fortitude

Conditions 44 and light rain

The fire alarm went off several times that night and as we arrive all shelter men are forced outside into the rain ~ not a real happy crowd


warmup-o-rama under the canopy while the PAX form up

mosey to the Greaves Building for a quick Switzer and discuss  – “Each and every day I get back up and move forward with my fist clenched toward the battle.” Life is not fair. This is not a fair fight. We discussed that as men we are in the fight daily, and we need to prepare our mind, our bodies, our shieldlock, and most importantly our relationship with The Lord

Partner up with someone you don’t know, both partners do the station, and both make a lap together and progress to the next station


  1. 10 Burpees
  2. 45 Mountain Climbers
  3. 40 Squats
  4. 30 Tri-cep dips
  5. 55 LBC
  6. 20 Peter Parker and 20 Parker Peters
  7. 30 Flutters and 30 Hello Dolly
  8. 20 KB Curls and Hairburners
  9. Bear & Crab
  10. 25 Seal Jacks and 25 SSH
  11. 25 Imperial Walkers and 25 Hillbilly Walkers
  12. Tug-a-war and 10 Burpees

Great morning of fellowship

Appreciate the invite and recommend every @F3Nation #HIM post at least once to Fortitude






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